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What Types Of Custom Banners To Make

Custom banners are the most prevalent signs seen today. They are perfect for use everywhere—in both exterior and interior settings.  They are affordable and extremely versatile.  A vinyl hanging sign can last up to five years outdoors and even longer indoors.  The vinyl used in these signs is light weight, pliable, resistant to tearing. They are also extremely water-resistant and portable. Sophisticated printing techniques have made custom banners affordable and professional-looking. You see them everywhere because they are an ideal media to advertise your business at home and on the road.

Storage, installation, and maintenance couldn’t be easier.  You can install a vinyl banner in the same amount of time it takes to do something simple like change a light bulb.  Maintenance outdoors or indoors might be limited to only having to take a wet cloth to the face of the sign from time to time. Vinyl banners are water resistant and do not tear easily even in heavy winds when properly designed.  Vinyl banners also have a high tolerance for weather hot or cold. Storing a vinyl sign is as easy as rolling it up and putting it in a closet.

Most vinyl signs and banners come in two finishes; a vibrant, high gloss finish or a more conservative, smooth, matte finish. The choices do not stop there.  Available in any size or shape that you want or need: these signs are not limited to square or rectangular sizing.  You can use vibrant graphics including any design, artwork, logo or photo on your customized vinyl poster.  When it comes to color you can choose your background colors as well as lettering and graphic color choices.

There are many ways to display your hanging signs: you can purchase retractable banners, A-frames, or for some added flair you can purchase a spinning stand that keeps your message in motion and gets it noticed.  You can hang it on posts, or lay it flat on a surface.  You can wrap a door in custom banners and you can hang it over a window or doorway.  There is no end to the display ideas available.

Advertising is meant to tell the world that you have a product or a service that they need.  It also must sell your brand and create brand recognition.  Competition can be very tough and great advertising tools can give you a competitive edge.  You can reach your advertising potential and even more by taking advantage of custom banners. These highly customizable portable signs add high impact, high visibility advertising to your business and because they last so long and are so durable, the affordability cannot be beat.

However, there are other uses for custom vinyl banners that aren’t solely limited to business advertising.  You see them being utilized by churches, schools, real estate agencies, produce stands, trade shows, flea markets, sporting events, wedding receptions, reunions, open houses, menus in restaurants, announcements, sales events, promotional events and hundreds of other places on a daily basis.

These versatile signs allow you to design something that is inexpensive, durable, beautiful and unique.  Kaiser Industries can help you create banners, architectural signs, and custom vehicle wraps to get the word out!

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