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What It Takes To Make Good Trade Show Displays

A lot of thought, imagination and knowledge must go into trade show displays in order to maximize their potential.  While some people have the motivation and skill set to make their exhibit pop, others decide to hire design consultants to make sure that they have the benefit of the knowledge that these people have to offer because of their experience.

Effective trade show displays should be targeted at the audience that the company or business is looking to attract.  This means that if the target audience is younger, then the exhibit should feature colors and textures that would be more suitable for the age group.  Knowing exactly what will catch the eye of the potential customer will allow the company to get the most foot traffic possible.
When offering a service or product, a company wants to make sure that the audience viewing the information walks away knowing that they cannot live without that product or service.  This is why proper placement of materials such as brochures or pamphlets is one of the main keys to success.  Having these information shelves at eye level is going to make sure that each passerby is tempted to take one.  Each piece of information that can be sent out into the audience is one more chance that a potential customer will take the leap from potential to current customer. 

Proper product placement is another thing that makes some trade show displays more successful than others.  It is important that the table or booth is not cluttered.  It is also important to make sure that the audience isn’t overwhelmed with too much information and communication.  Whether or not a potential customer is even consciously aware of it, they will walk away from a booth or exhibit that is just too busy or loud.

Banners and signs are also key ingredients in making sure that the business is maximizing the trade show displays in the best way possible.  The well thought out banner should be easy to read at a reasonable distance as well as easy on the eyes.  This basically means that the color scheme should complement the fonts and vice versa.  For darker backgrounds, lighter fonts should be used and for lighter backgrounds, slightly darker fonts should be appropriate.  The banners and signage should flow easily with one another if there is more than one.  The type of exhibit that will be used will also dictate to a large degree where the banners and signs should be placed.

Of course the arena will also make a difference.  Some trade show displays are meant to be set up in an outdoor venue while others are made for indoor use only.  If the exhibit will be placed in an outdoor setting then there will have to be thought given to the various weather elements such as rain or wind. 

Expos such as these can be the perfect stages to make sure that each business or company gets the maximum exposure for their products and services, translating into generated revenue.

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