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What Are Graphic Wraps

Among the many marketing strategies utilized today, graphic wraps are one of the most affordable and efficient options available to companies both large and small. They come in a great variety of sizes and styles suitable for both personal and business use. When designed and produced by an experienced signage company, graphic wraps are certain to be eye-catching as well as highly successful and widely viewed advertising tools.

Car advertising has been around for many, many years. While it once was as simple as placing the brand name on a vehicle, technology has created a whole new approach to this time tested form of marketing. The amount of competition from industry to industry requires that companies stay up to date with the latest advertising and graphics advancements as they are always evolving. Graphic wraps consist of heavy duty vinyl adhesive imprinted with computer generated wording and illustrations to reflect the message a company hopes to convey to their target audience. Whether large or small, they are installed directly on the body of any type of vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, and buses. The options are endless. Depending on the size of the vehicle, the budget available, and the overall impression a company hopes to achieve they can range in size, shape, color, and style.

The full vehicle wrap style covers the complete vehicle surface while a partial style would coat only a fraction of the vehicle. They are commonly utilized by a single vehicle for a small company all the way up to a larger firm’s whole fleet of cars or trucks. Some companies even elect to compensate outside individuals to display the signage on their personal vehicles to maximize the visibility the brand and message will cover.

Many may wonder how a piece of vinyl on the side of a car could be so beneficial to the success of a product or service. By far, the main benefit of using graphic wraps is the wide audience they can reach with each drive across town. Every trip the vehicle makes and every location the vehicle is parked the signage is placed before the eyes of the viewing audience. It is a more affordable than a billboard with a much greater saturation rate. The target audience can change daily and will continue to grow with every movement of the sign. While they do their job, this colorful form of vinyl signage is also protecting the surface of the vehicle it is affixed to. They protect the paint job from chips and fading, plus they are easily removed without any damage being done to the vehicle’s surface. Their ability to be temporary makes it easy for them to be changed and updated quickly as business needs and goals evolve.

It is important to work with a sign company that is experienced and knowledgeable in the design and production of graphic wraps specifically. They must be willing to take the time necessary to comprehend the specific business goals of the signage and have professional design staff on hand that will customize the product to maximize its quality and originality. The materials and workmanship must be of high quality and under warranty. The ideal company will be highly professional and stand behind their expertise. It is recommended to get industry and client references to ensure the product and service received will be satisfactory. This type of signage can potentially represent any company for a number of years and must be created to reflect this investment.

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