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Ways To Use Printed Glass Tiles

The spa, fitness club and hotels used to be the only places you could find printed glass tiles.  This luxury was thought to be only available to the corporate world or the very wealthy.  No longer is this the mainstay.  Printed glass tiles are steadily becoming more and more popular in the average home across the country.  They are used both for aesthetics, and for functionality.  The variations in styles and the endless arrangements of colors make this product a designers dream.  Anyone can transform a kitchen or a bathroom into a sanctuary of color and design!  They are useful for transforming the traditional into a modern, impressive work of art. 

Custom acrylic fabrication, printed glass tiles and panels, and display fabrication has increased not only in popularity, but the technology has catapulted into a new era of excellence.  Paint companies are eagerly striving to meet the needs of this innovative industry.  Inks, enamels, and other forms of paints and tints have morphed into a Mecca of options.  Computer graphics and high tech machinery combined with those that have the scientific knowledge have given even the average person the ability to transform their personal space into their own work of art. 

There are many styles of prefabricated pieces you can purchase to embrace the theme and color combination you have chosen in your kitchen, bath, or other home decor needs.  Just type in printed glass tiles into your favorite search engine and see for yourself the splendid selection available to the consumer.  If you are looking to add something a little more personal or artistic to the designing, fear not, because it is now possible.  Any digital photo or original artwork can be transformed and imprinted onto anything transparent or even ceramic to give that amazing touch of uniqueness.  Just think, you can take the photo of the waterfall that you took while hiking in Hawaii and transfer it as a backdrop in your bathroom shower stall.  Or your children's artwork can be encapsulated as the back splash of the kitchen.  Maybe close ups of different local flowers can be made into a flooring for the mud room.  The ways you can use them are only limited by your imagination.

No longer is a building just made of stone walls, or of timbers and fabricated siding.  High rises and store fronts can display their information or business name in an eye catching manner.  What a great way to market your company logo.  The benefits to doing marketing in this fashion are great as well.  They can be made to be resistant to ultra violet rays, thus severe fading is ultimately eliminated.  Because printed glass tiles are non porous, they are easily cleaned and maintained.  Price wise, this product is extremely competitive to other products or marketing materials. 

Many manufacturers have a professional graphics team to assist you in all your needs.  You can even give the draft personnel the information, or ideas, and they can provide a rough draft for you to evaluate.  It is such an easy and economically friendly process that you will wish you had done it years ago.

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