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Ways To Get Effective Results With Hanging Displays

Many businesses take advantage of hanging displays for their showrooms and windows.  There is no greater way of making an announcement than by showing it suspended overhead directly over the product.  A good example is a car dealership where they are having a blowout sale.  There is no better way to lure in potential customers than to put a banner or sign either in the window or suspended outside in plain sight of traffic that is passing by.  Many times, this could be the deciding factor that makes a potential customer stop at this business, even if they were in route to another.  That type of advertising potential can be priceless.

Another advantage of hanging displays is high visibility.  Many times, shoppers may not know that an item exists or that a particular store carries it.  However, by suspending this type of banner high enough so that it can be read easily at a distance will announce the item to the customers.  If the item is on sale for a substantially lower price than normal, that information could be included on the sign as well. This is also an effective way to help the consumer find the product easily.  There won’t be any need to ask a busy customer service representative or wander aimlessly through the store in search of the item as the banner will direct them right to it.  This type of advertisement is very effective for catching the consumer’s attention and drawing them to the product.

Of course hanging displays can also be used to lure the customer’s eye upward.  This would be helpful for a store or business that has larger items that must be stored higher off of the floor.  A sporting goods store may have to suspend large items such as kayaks, canoes and boats from the ceiling because of a limited amount of floor space.  However, people may not always look up in that direction, but if a banner was suspended along with the items, it would draw the customer’s attention to the ceiling, allowing them to see just what the store has to offer. 

It is possible to use hanging displays as a way to alert customers to a special that might be a spur of the moment decision that wasn’t announced in flyers or commercial ads.  If a consumer is in a carpet store and was intent on buying a certain amount of square footage, a banner explaining that another type of carpet has been reduced might actually lead them to making the decision to do more than just the originally intended room, thus increasing the overall sale for that customer.

Hanging displays are a very effective way to communicate to potential customers that may be overlooking any deals or bargains that might be offered or specials that might be taking place at the moment.  This type of banner or sign is unique because of its positioning and the fact that is suspended in a way that makes it much easier to spot and read.  Advertisement is all about getting the attention of the customer and effectively sending them a message that this is the best place to buy a product or get the goods or services that they need.

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