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Wayfinders Architectural Signage

Wayfinders architectural signage and modern technology have revolutionized the idea of wayfinding to the large spaces of today's modern buildings.  The classic definition of wayfinding signage has best been used to describe the “ways” people cruise and navigate themselves from place to place, and this term has been around for a long time.  In simple terms, wayfinders architectural signage describes the visual cues that aide people in navigating around, such as in a mall or a large building. 

The “maps”, or wayfinders architectural signage that are positioned at the entrances and usually in the middle of the malls, hospitals, and large buildings aide patrons in the location they need to go.  This type of signage is extremely necessary in these types of buildings, otherwise people would be drifting around aimlessly, trying to decide which direction to go.  They are a wonderful way to keep people from being confused, or having to stop and ask someone for directions. 

The traditional wayfinding signs are found nearly everywhere. We have all noticed signs from time to time that say  “you are here”, especially in shopping malls, and they have all the other areas in different colors, this has proven to be very effective for directing you to various popular stores.  Well, digital wayfinders architectural signage has totally transformed the “old” way of wayfinding.  It has completely made a total turn around, to say the least.  Now, when you enter a conference or trade show, there is no old paper or signpost signage because digital technology has taken care of that.  Digital signs and graphics have resolved a lot of old issues and also have added advantages, especially when it comes to conventions. Some of the ways that we benefit from digital signs are:

  • No more printing out paper for signs and revising them to meet new needs.
  • The new digital imaging is more convenient because it can all be updated from one location.
  • Digital signs are adaptable, it allows for more rapid changes of information.
  • For guests it means no longer having to search out the location of a meeting room, and easier navigation which makes for a better guest experience. 
  • For large hotels and conventions, big digital signage can be made into sections, having different messages on both, making it still easier on the guest to locate what they need.

Digital wayfinders architectural signage has completely revolutionized wayfinding for many businesses such as hotels, convention centers, malls, and more.  It is also, surprisingly, much simpler and more cost-efficient to manage schedules, as well as making brand new contingencies that market to an ensnared assemblage of conference visitors.  Also, digital technology has taken it one step further in having interactive software of display monitors that not only aide patrons in where they need to go, but also show them the easiest route to take.  

Modern technology has definitely made our way of life easier than we have ever dreamed possible, and this also transfers into our businesses and our signs.  Wayfinding made quick and simple by digital technology is the going trend, and something you don't want to miss out on.

Kaiser International has experts available to help you with all of your graphics and signs including retractable banners, retail displays, trade show exhibits, ADA signage, vehicle graphics, and more!

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