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Vinyl Signs and Banners Get the Word Out

Among the most vital advertising tools for your business are your vinyl signs and banners.  It may be true that your big business logo is very important in attracting customers, but once they get there, they rely on bright and colorful vinyl signs and banners to give them direction and information.  There are many sizes available to buy for those particular needs.  Posting, placement, and size are very important for overall effectiveness.  Without these advertisements hanging up, the customers or clients would be clueless to what the sales are, or which new products you are highlighting.  Not only do these signs give information, they can also serve as decoration.  They add color, style, and character to an otherwise non- descript environment.

To attract potential customers or clients to the business, you have to have eye-popping advertisements.  The key desire is to promote the company's products and services to bring in more business.  The first impression a new customer or client will get of your company might be large vinyl sign banners of your business logo that hang way up high at a trade show or community gathering.  By having your company logo outside, it will draw people into your establishment to look around.  When there are no promotional postings to look at or direct them, they may get bored very quickly and leave.  To keep them inside and interested, you have to have attractive advertising and graphics.  There are several materials you can use for just such a purpose.  Today, vinyl signs and banners are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your store, product or service.  They are eye catching, easy to hang, simple to use, and even easier to store.  The vibrant colors that can be used on this material are very pleasing to the eye.

So, you have made the purchase and have them in your store, ready to hang them. Where are the best places to attract the eyes of those looking for information?  How do you get the maximum exposure?  You always hear that common phrase, “Location, location, location!”   But you may have wondered if it holds true.  It is not only true, but also vital to a business’s success.  That applies to the placement of advertisement tools as well.  You want to spread these vinyl signs and banners around your store evenly, not clustering them too close together.  Hang them at key points in the store.  For example:  hang one over a new product that you are promoting, or put one over the area where you are having a big sale.  You can hang smaller ones on the wall throughout the establishment to evoke curiosity and draw them to other areas of the store.  Be careful not to clutter, because too much can be distracting, therefore hurting your profits.

Outdoor promotion of products and services is just as important, as well as having inside representations.  Vinyl signs and banners last a long time, and with the help of sunlight, they can catch your eye from afar.  For outdoors you can design a massive mural-sized vinyl banner that can cover the majority of one entire side wall of your business.  No one will miss that advertisement.  These have also become very popular tools in getting the word out while being decorative, too.

Kaiser Industries has been helping businesses get the word out for more than two decades using banners, architectural signs, wayfinding and ADA signage as well as custom acrylic fabrication. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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