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Vinyl Signs and Banners

Vinyl signs and banners are a very cost effective form of advertising.  Something this affordable and portable is definitely going to get the attention that you need to get your message noticed.

Full color vinyl signs or banners are highly visible up to 300 feet away.  Vinyl printing is better than ever at allowing your images and prints to be crisp and clear.  This type of signage is also very rugged and durable, making it able to withstand the weather elements, no matter where you live or what season it might be.  The best part is your sign can be installed in about ten minutes.

There are many different ways to take advantage of a vinyl signs and banners.  The most obvious would be using it outside of your business.  It doesn’t matter if you are advertising your business at home or outside of your office, this type of sign catches the eye and pulls in customers. You can use a banner to announce an event, a sale, display a holiday message, or hang on the wall of your trade show exhibit.  It will create a memory that is easily recalled when a consumer needs your product or service.  A well-received message today is a business contract tomorrow.

Many times signs of this type are used at local ball parks for advertisement.  Your local little league team may even offer sign spots inside the park where your banner could be displayed.  This would secure a local audience for the entire season.  A vinyl banner could also be used as a menu display for a booster club.  Show your team spirit or community pride with the convenience and affordability of a banner.

You can order your vinyl signs or banners in an array of different sizes to fit any and all needs that you may have.  You will certainly see a vast array of different sizes and styles of vinyl banners incorporated into trade show displays.  Some are made to fit in front of a booth, and others are much bigger because they are designed to cover the wall of the trade show exhibit.  No matter what your size requirement might be, you’ll find one to meet your needs. Retractable banners come with their own frame and are great for defining your space and welcoming patrons in.

Because your banner is flexible, there is no end to where you can display it.  You could simply attach it to poles in the yard.  You could hang it from a porch, or even over a doorway.  You might even consider hanging it in a way that gets attention, such as at an angle.  You could also choose to cover unused doors or windows with banners.  The possibilities are truly limitless. That flexibility also holds true when thinking of storage.  Once you have purchased your vinyl signs or banners, you will be able to store them away for future use with little effort.  When you think of the affordability, ease of installation, high visibility, and the number of options, it’s easy to see why this is a great form of advertisement, no matter what you are promoting.

Kaiser Industries has been helping people design attention-grabbing banners and signs for twenty-five years. Call us to help you create all of your signs including architectural signs, and wayfinding signage!

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