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Vehicle Graphic Wraps

If you want to build brand recognition and gain a competitive edge in the market today, vehicle graphic wraps are a tool you will definitely want to have in your advertising arsenal. With sleek designs, bright colors and an endless supply of options, this means that your vehicles can now become so much more than just transportation with these easily installed vehicle wraps.

The marketplace has changed drastically over the last few years, so your strategy must change somewhat as well, and you need to find a way to increase your visibility that keeps up with the changing times.  Sources for indoor advertisement was once limited to print in magazines, flyers and newspapers.  Now many businesses have moved on to advertising online.  The same can be said for outdoor advertisement.  Once upon a time, sources were limited to billboards, signs or vinyl banners.  However, many businesses have now found that creating vehicle graphic wraps for their company cars has increased their marketability and visibility beyond the normal mode of placing ads. 

If you are driving down the road, your eye is automatically drawn to a vehicle that has colorful artwork or graphics on it.  Because you take the split second to look at the vehicle, the message it conveys is now in your mind. A recent study found that these mobile signs have a 97% recall rate, while another study indicated hat 80% of respondents actually recalled the specific advertising.This is the type of exposure you will get with vehicle wraps, eventually creating added revenue.  Because they are mobile, your logo will be seen on the streets of your city, on the interstates, and even while it is parked.  The possibilities to reach the consumer are as vast as the routes your vehicles already travel on a daily basis. 

It doesn’t matter if your business has a single vehicle or an entire fleet, this is advertising space that you already own and use regularly.  This is an opportunity to have your vehicle work for you doing more than just transporting people or goods. And best of all, vinyl fleet wraps are easily interchangeable among vehicles to keep them fresh.

Lettering and magnetic sign banners have been used for years on vehicles to communicate phone numbers and business names.  Vehicle graphic wraps take this idea to a whole new level.  Now you can add logos, artwork, design, and graphics that also incorporate your business name, telephone number and website, yet it is displayed with a new and fresh approach. With the help of professionals like those at Kaiser International, all of your graphics and signage can be visually arresting with maximum impact.

Once the graphics are designed and your vehicle graphic wraps are ready to install, you will want to contact a professional installer like Kaiser International who can help you with everything from design to installation services for your fleet wraps. They will likely set up and appointment time with you and will work quickly and efficiently to get your vehicle completed and back to you as soon as possible. Letting your advertising dollars work for you from the moment you roll out of the shop.  

Competition in the business world has never been more prevalent than it is today.  Anything that you can do to set yourself apart in your particular field or business is a strategic move that will definitely return your investment.  Branding your company with all of its marketing and signage, from interior to exterior architectural signs, including custom wayfinding and ADA signage, trade show exhibits with retractable bannersSo why not invest in unused advertising space today that you already own?  Turn your car, truck or van into a mobile billboard that tells the world why they should buy your product or service.  Make advertising work for you every day using an asset that you already possess. 

Let the experts at Kaiser International show you how limitless the possibilities are with vehicle graphic wraps and all of your signage needs.

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