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Using Vinyl Signs And Banners

Many retailers look to vinyl signs and banners when it comes to advertising.  They can be a very inexpensive way, in the long run, to get the word out.  This is great if it is used for annual or quarterly store sales advertising.  Vinyl signs and banners come in all shapes and sizes.  There are multiple colors and fonts that can be used as well as images placed on them.  They are also very durable and long lasting, and can be used again and again if taken care of properly.

One of the main questions asked when a merchant purchases vinyl signs and banners is, how long can it withstand being exposed to the elements?  That is a great question.  Just taking a look around some shopping centers may give someone the impression that they may not last as long as one would like.  That doesn't have to be the case though.

First things first; without doubt, the one major thing that can affect the life of vinyl signs and banners is the material that is used.  Using a vinyl that is infused or reinforced with another strong material is highly suggested.  This may add some additional cost but is well worth every penny.  Hands down, the other thing that can shorten the life of any banner is wind.  Wind is probably the worst offender.  Many manufacturers include paperwork that tells one how to properly install them.  The problem is, most people think they already know how to hang them and just throw them up.  Part of making sure that vinyl signs and banners will last is, when ordering them, to tell the company where it will be hanging.  This way, the company can make sure that they use the appropriate grommets or other material so that they can be hung properly.  Then, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to make sure they read and follow the directions to ensure that the sign is hung properly.  In all cases, that is going to mean that it is hung taught.  This will prevent any wind or sudden gust from making the sign flap in the wind.  No flapping means no tears, snags, sagging, or fraying.

Another way to make sure that vinyl signage holds up to the elements is using a protective coat to seal the images or lettering.  It will depend on the which company does the work as to what product they use for this.  However, most companies use a variant of the same chemicals.  This helps preserve the look of the product and, if taken care of properly, will also help prolong the life as well.  

Now, as far as the total life is concerned, it will really depend on who it is purchased from.  There are companies that guarantee a life span of 10 plus years even if the banner is used outside, every day, through all elements of weather.  These typically cost more, but it may be worth the cost depending on what one is using it for.  The average life span is from 3 to 7 years.  Again, that is really going to depend on the type of vinyl used, it being properly hung, and any protectant that is used.

One last way to make sure one gets the most out of their purchase is by taking care of the banner.  That means, when it is not in use, to clean and store it properly.  Most companies will also include cleaning instructions, but here a few good rules of thumb.  First, after taking them down, use a mild soap or detergent and a soft sponge or cloth to clean it.  Make sure it is left out to completely dry, and then roll it up with the ink on the outside.  Then, store it in a dry and cool place.  Many people wrap it in a cloth or bag to protect it while in storage.

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