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Using Magnetic Car Stickers

Magnetic car stickers are all the rage these days.  Chances are that most people have seen these magnetic car stickers without even realizing it.  They are far superior to their ancient forerunner – the bumper sticker.  Offering the same convenience and versatility of the older variety, these have one very superior quality.  They are easy to remove!  This makes them the ideal choice for people wanting to support a political position or candidate, announce the success of a child, or just to change the decorations on their auto on a regular basis. Small businesses utilize them as signs to easily get double duty out of personal vehicles.

How many times does one look at the vehicle in front of them at a stoplight and say, “That candidate ran ten years ago!”  Countless, hapless automobiles are driving around with outdated slogans and the faces of “yesterday's” candidates.  It does not have to be that way.  Today manufacturers make special decals for transportation vehicles that are easy to apply and just as easy to remove.  Some political issues come up repeatedly, while others do not.  Removable decals declaring the drivers personal position on the matter can be attached to the vehicle.  Then, as the pervasive tide of social interest changes, new matters can easily be addressed with new magnetic car stickers.

Many proud parents’ automobiles have messages that tell of their child's achievements both in school and in sports.  “My child is an honor roll student at McKinsey Elementary” is a common slogan gracing the bumper of vehicles on the road.  Being able to bask in the success of a child is a wonderful feeling for a parent.  However, as it sits in the sun and through all kinds of weather, it begins to adhere to the automobile in ways that make it both difficult to read and remove.  Magnetic announcements, instead of the old fashioned adhesive ones, avoid this inconvenience without scratching or marring the paint.  In this way, the “parents’ boasting section” on the family vehicle is always current, reflecting the latest accomplishments of their offspring.

Some people love to decorate their car with symbols or pictures that tell something about who they are as an individual.  As time goes by, it is advantageous to substitute new ones for the old to give the vehicle a fresh, new look.  Flowers, pictures of relatives or special people, peace symbols, or catchy sayings are all great examples of magnetic car stickers that can be used to decorate a personal vehicle. The clear, crisp, and vividly colored graphics have exponentially increased the appeal of these portable billboards.

Voicing a political position, endorsing a candidate, announcing the accomplishments of offspring or relatives, or simply using them for creative expression, magnetic car stickers are a great improvement over their predecessors.  They provide the means to express opinions and ideas to many people while possessing the quality of easy removal. Kaiser Industries has been producing innovative designs and signage for companies and individuals for years. Call us today!

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