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Using Magnetic Car Decals For Advertising

Magnetic car decals and vinyl wraps are a popular way to advertise for your small or large business.  Each of these options offers different advantages and disadvantages.  Price, accessibility, shelf-life, size, and exposure are some of the areas you can compare when trying to decide which one to get.  It has been proven in a study that upwards of 90% of people traveling on the road will turn and look at any signage or lettering that is placed on a vehicle.  Getting magnetic car decals is the least expensive way to advertise, but it gives you a tremendous amount of exposure for your business.

Size and price pretty much go hand in hand because the price depends on what size you choose.  There are several different sizes to select from when getting them.  The sizes start with about 2 feet, which is perfect for putting on your vehicle doors.  Of course the bigger they are the more potential customers you will attract.  Even with the smaller ones you will get quite a bit of attention.  Vinyl wraps are a bit more expensive than magnetic car decals, but either one will be an effective means of advertising.

The longevity of a sign depends on how you treat it and take care of it, along with the location of its placement and the weather conditions.  You may not even consider location being a factor, but think about it for a moment.  If you live in Arizona it is going to get extremely dry and hot, causing your sign to fade in color, crack, and even fall off.  Places with heavy rainfall can be affected as well.  If you take the proper precautions and make sure your signage is made of materials that can withstand the weather in your area, they will last quite a long time.  Magnetic car decals are even easier to maintain the life of due to the fact that you can take them off and put them back on with ease.  This will help keep the coloring from fading or cracking.  Vinyl wraps will have a much shorter lifespan because it is much harder to take them off and put them back on.   

Accessibility is a very important topic when considering buying one of these signs.  Compared to a vinyl wrap, they are so much easier to work with.  If you own a small business and use your personal vehicle, then this type of advertising would be ideal because you can leave the sign on during the day to promote your product and company, and then simply take if off at night when going out to eat with your spouse or the entire family.  As mentioned above, being able to take it off will help keep it in better shape over time, so it will last a lot longer.  If you get a smaller size, you may choose to move it to different locations on your vehicle. 

No matter the size, using magnetic car decals is like driving a billboard anywhere you go, and it has been proven to be more effective than putting your advertisement on a stationary sign and hope that people see it.  This way you can make sure hundreds or even thousands see your sign and consider your company when the time comes. 

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