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Using Acrylic Display Cabinets

Acrylic display cabinets are crystalline cabinets with sides made of acrylic, usually used to show off anything from toys to collectibles to various products that are for sale. They can be created using any form of material, glass, Lucite, Plexiglass, and plastic. However, it is preferred to use plastic as it is safer, and less expensive to replace if broken. Acrylic display cabinets are usually custom made by specialists in order to guarantee the correct size and style for the objects being placed inside.

Acrylic is the preferred base for many reasons, aside from its safety and affordability. The material is lightweight and has a high resistance to impact, so anything within them is less likely to get broken, even if dropped. Most types of acrylic display cabinets are able to block off most of the ultra violet rays, even if the case is propped in the sun, preventing the products from fading or getting sun damaged. The material is flexible and can support a lot of weight, while giving the products an unobstructed view.

The display cases are usually made with at least five millimeters of thick plastic in order to make the most out of the ultra violet protection. In comparison to glass, this material is not only half the price, but much less dense than the glass cases would be. While a sharp hit will crack, or even destroy, a glass display, the acrylic display cabinets will absorb the impact. While it may scratch, it is generally very simple to remove the scratches from this type of material.  Where glass is stubborn and will not bend, the other is easy to mold into a number of different shapes. The latter has the same refraction index as water, while glass will catch the light and reflect it.

In professional businesses, such as museums and galleries, showcases such as these are intended to protect the contents inside while still being able to view them. Acrylic display cabinets are beneficial to museums because they can be made with locks to protect against theft, they will not allow dirt and dust to get in, and the paraphernalia inside are much less likely to get broken or damaged by handling them. These cases are usually very large with added security benefits, as they hold not only dinosaur bones but the constitution and other important documents. Other places of business, like book stores, use these cabinets to direct customers’ gazes to the newly released collectibles and best-selling books. As they can be maneuvered in many different ways, these cases help to catch the eye better than most signs or other forms of display.

Aside from simply displaying objects, they are also used as promotional tools for stores that make specially ordered items. They make use of the opacity of the sides to show off a three dimensional view of the type of work they have done before and how well they do it. This gives their potential customers a solid grasp of the final product prior to ordering it.

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