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Uses For Wall Signs

The two basic definitions or categories for wall signs are simply broken down as interior and exterior.  When you think of exterior wall signs, you think of the company's business logo, window decals, sale banners, and sidewalk message boards.  When visualizing what an interior posting would be, you think, again, of the company's logo and maybe their motto.  Other interior examples may be of the federal regulated ADA placards, directional postings, and door name tags.

Business logos and their respective company motto is definitely the most important, for you as an owner, because that will convey the information you need to attract customers and clients.  You can choose many different styles of signage to help you achieve this goal.  You can choose a back-lit style that can be seen regardless of whether it is day or night outside, or whether the lights are on or off in the building.  It can be as simple as individual lettering to having multi-colored graphics incorporated into the design.  Another option is using glass printing.  This can be screen printed onto any glass.  The company name and hours of operations can be etched onto the window on the side of the building or on an interior room divider.  There are a variety of style options as well.  The frosted or etched look has always been a classic look.  You can now get up to seven colors in the graphic design.  It does not have to be a flat piece of glass, either.  It can be concave in shape or completely round or cylindrical.

Wall signs have changed a lot in the past half century.  The computer graphics and state-of-the-art equipment have given business owners a lot of options to choose from.  Because of the creation of manmade materials, you can have your wall signs in any shape and color you can possibly imagine.  Acrylic is very popular due to its manipulative and moldable properties.  It is very pliable and easy to manufacture with color options from clear to multi shaded.  Acrylic can withstand the elements fairly well and are inexpensive to purchase.  Unlike the old wood style or metal placards, acrylic will not easily fade and definitely will not corrode like metals will.  When having to do a large message board or directional placard, using acrylic will also be a lot lighter in weight than wood or metal.
Another great option is using die cut decals to convey the message you are needing.  They are made from either vinyl or static cling and can be placed anywhere there is a flat surface.  They can be put on windows, room dividers, mirrors, plexiglass cubicles, or even on a lobby wall.  There are a plethora of other places that will allow for them to adhere to.  The great thing about using die cut decals as wall signs is that they are cut precisely to the edge of the lettering or graphic design you are wanting.  It is also a full color printing option.  The decals are easy to use and can easily be moved if need be.  The vinyl has a slight tackiness on the back to get it to stick.  You can choose a clear or a white vinyl.  The static cling style also comes in clear and vinyl but will only stick to glass, like a partition or window.

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