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Types And Styles Of Construction Signage

Everyone has seen construction signage with messages like, Detour Ahead, Road Work Ahead, and Hard Hat Area. Those messages are designed to keep people and workers safe while performing often dangerous heavy-duty tasks. Generally, these types of messages are temporarily placed and act as a combination of warning and informational label for drivers and pedestrians.

Local statutes generally regulate any form of outdoor labels, whether placed in a yard or along a freeway. While many types of outdoor labels are temporary, there are permanent ones that still require special permission for placement from local officials – usually a planning and zoning department. Not having the appropriate types of markers or permission for those markers can result in fines or penalties imposed by the city or county.

Construction signage is different, being regulated by a combination of OSHA and ANSI statutes rather than directly by local, state, or federal law. Danger, cautionary, and safety messages are controlled to insure easy deciphering, reading, and visibility of the stated message. Some of the messages are to better protect workers and other messages are used to better protect the public. However, all such labels are precisely controlled by ANSI and OSHA to provide a consistency that guarantees compliance and overall safety.

Within the United States, all signs are classified according to purpose with certain colors and shapes reserved for specific purposes. For instance, danger is warned of with the colors of red, white and black. Cautionary labels are either yellow lettering on a black background or black lettering on a yellow background. Safety messages are relayed in either a blue or green background with white lettering, or white background with black lettering.

In addition, the shape of construction signage is also controlled by OSHA and ANSI. For instance, a warning message must possess blunt or rounded corners and there can be no sharp edges or splinters. Insuring compliance with all the guidelines associated with properly formed and placed messages keeps people safe.

Compliance is not an option when it comes to the precise messages needed for a worksite, whether on the road or at a structural site. OSHA delivers very stiff fines and penalties for worksites that do not comply with their regulations. These regulations do save lives, and compliance is a necessary part of staying legal while better providing people with an added sense of security and consistency.

How can a company insure the proper construction signage is purchased and placed at a worksite?

There are sign companies that specialize in providing the best and most efficient messages for a worksite. These companies only sell OSHA or ANSI approved messages that meet the exacting standards set forth by the organizations. The proper color, shape, and size are guaranteed to meet those strict standards.

Appropriate construction signage is a vital part of any worksite. If a worksite wants to operate without the possibility of stiff penalties, the right messages must be visible for workers and the public sector. Colors, shapes, fonts, and messages delivered are regulated by OSHA and ANSI to insure consistency allowing the public sector to easily recognize the message relayed. Hiring a reputable company for those special labels is a surefire way to guarantee compliance and added safety for everyone involved.

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