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Trade Show Exhibits

The impact that trade show exhibits can have for your company’s image is significant.  The displays alone can provide potential customers with a clear vision of what your company represents…from the quality of your product, to the level of customer service you intend to provide. There are a number of things to consider when developing trade show displays and exhibits, including what you want to achieve through the display, the budget you are allocating for it, the type of display you plan to use, and any banners you may need, as well as selecting  graphics and signage company that can best meet all of these needs.

First you should think about what your goals are, in order to capitalize on your exhibit investment. The size of the trade show, as well as the size of your display will be dependent on whom your target audience is. Research and planning are key instruments. Other elements to consider include trade show locations, the number of events you plan to take part in each year, the size of exhibit space you will require, and how much of your budget will be available. Whether you allocate a small portion of your budget to a simple display and lighting, or if you choose a more elaborate customized display, trade show exhibits can vary greatly financially.

Next, you will need to determine what type of display will best fit your needs. There are four main types of display booths to choose from. Pop-up displays consist of folding panels covered in fabric, vinyl, or plastic. They tend to be a more popular option due to their lighter weight, ease of transport, and on-site assembly. Panel displays resemble a wall-like structure covered in fabric. They come in a variety of sizes and can easily be adjusted to the exhibit space. Tabletop displays are also an affordable choice. These are tri-fold structures that are placed directly on a tabletop. The use of Velcro allows for constant changes and updates to the display content. The fourth type of display is a pull-up stand, which is also lightweight, easily transported, and extremely versatile. They come with a stand-alone option that can be quite convenient both in larger and smaller scaled trade shows. No matter what form you choose, trade show exhibits are an important initial contact with potential clients and a great opprtunity to reinforce your company's logo and branding. As with any marketing tool, it is imperative to be aware of the current trends in the industry.

In addition to utilizing your general display to lure in prospective customers, banners and signs can provide an eye-catching first impression. Banners have the ability to compliment your exhibit by either emphasizing a new product, or providing further information about your company. It is important that they are well lit and easy to read as you only have a few seconds to entice your audience. They come in a large array of shapes and sizes to meet all of your exhibit needs. When designed properly, graphics are a simple way of embellishing trade show exhibits. They should consist of vibrant colors and a simple design. Too much content can take away from the message you want to get across.  It is key that your company name and logo dominate your display.

Once you have established what your display needs will be, you can research and select a trade show exhibit display company. Whether tackled online or by phone, it is essential to research each potential display company’s product selections, prices, and past work. They should have a high level of industry knowledge and skill, while keeping up with the constant changing trends. Requesting referrals or connecting with fellow exhibitors can provide you with firsthand feedback regarding the work and service they received from a particular display company. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can begin to work more closely with each supplier to determine which will be the best fit for your exhibit needs. That final choice can then steer you and your team through the design process. Also available are complete graphics and signage companies which focus only on signs and have well-trained staff able to produce your signage from concept through fabrication and printing to final installation.

Trade show exhibits have the potential to be a tremendous boost to your company’s sales and greatly assist you in dominating your industry. If managed properly, your display can be an investment that will pay off in the form of new customers and brand recognition for your company for years to come.

Kaiser Graphics is a company that specializes in signs and everything to do with signs, from concept through eye-appealing design to printing, construction, you will find our staff to be experienced and interested in helping you achieve your goals with the all of your signage needs from banners to indoor or outdoor and architectural signage all the way to vehicle graphics and wraps. If you need a sign, give Kaiser Graphics a call. Signs are what we do.

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