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Trade Show Display Design

Trade Show DisplayTrade show display design doesn’t have to be costly if you follow a few simple suggestions. The message that you are delivering should be presented quickly and clearly. Keep your design simple, but remember that it should convey your message firmly. You can do this by proper planning. The overall layout should work well with the graphics to deliver your message properly. Use your message to your advantage, making sure it attracts potential clients to your booth. This can be achieved by doing the following two steps, (This marketing strategy is referred to as implementing sensory marketing strategies):

Begin by identifying your message. In doing so, take your targeted audience and competition into consideration and appeal to the senses.
Sight: Bold graphics and colors are very eye catching. Utilizing a focal point is always helpful.
Touch: Providing interactive opportunities and the chance to try your product or service is a good idea, as interaction will fully engage your audience.
(Plan your layout for your prospects to have optimal opportunities for them to have a hands-on experience.)
Sound: Sounds will attract visitors to your booth. Some examples are media presentations, music, even entertainers (as long as they incorporate your product in their show).
Smells: Having appealing scents, i.e. baked goods, popcorn, coffee, or flowers will keep people at your booth longer and increase the chances of them recalling your company after the show. (Good smells will portray a warm and friendly mood at your booth.)

Before the show opens, feel free to check out other’s trade show display designs to help you prepare for conversations with visitors to your booth. You will have approximately five seconds to grab a person’s attention. When this happens questions arise, and you must always remember to be positive and professional. Your goal is to stand out among your competition. When planning ahead you should decide who your target audience is, exactly whose attention are you trying to grab? You should think of this audience often when you are deciding on your trade show display design. Many business owners opt to use a trade show display professional, yet the number of companies designing their booths internally is on a rise. Keep in mind that more traffic is not necessarily better, if they never become a buyer it doesn’t matter, so make sure to appeal to the clientele that will be interested in your products or services.
Planning ahead is most important element of trade show display designing. Plan the design, start building the idea, then build the booth. Choose picture colors that draw attention, but are not a distraction in any way. Your main message (or focal point) should be at eye level. There are five crucial mistakes to avoid when coming up with a trade show display design, they are as follows:

• An undersized trade show display will portray and careless idea that was not well planned. Some trade shows also have a maximum size restriction, and you should utilize all the room you are given.
• Cluttering your display area will distract your potential customers, so stay organized. If you brought extra flyers or supplies, keep them out of sight.
• Neglecting training each of your employees would be a grave mistake. Train them prior to the show to engage people who pass by and to be prepared to answer any questions.
• Poor organization can also be distracting. Take the time to arrange your display items in a way that will make your booth flow.
A trade show display design can be a great marketing tool if done properly. Following these basic guidelines for your display design can help optimize its effectiveness. And if you find yourself become overwhelmed by the process, consider employing a designer that specializes in trade show displays.

Kaiser International and its group of companies is based in Houston Texas however we are no stranger to servicing businesses outside of our area and have serviced clients in all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, N Norfolk VA ,  and Madison WI.

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