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The Three Types Of Car Decal Advertising

There are three types of car decal advertising applications available.  There are static, adhesive and magnetized decals.  You can choose which one works best for your situation. 

1.     You can opt for the magnetic type which simply affixes itself to your car by means of magnetism and can be removed effortlessly at any time you choose.  This is a great option if you want to remove in in the evenings or on the weekends.  You can also change where you choose to display this type of sign on your vehicle.  Perhaps you want to put it on the door today but would rather display it on the back of the trunk tomorrow.  With magnetized applications you have the freedom to do that very thing. 

2.    You can also choose the static cling type of application which is merely placed onto an extremely clean surface, such as a window.  You simply peel and stick the sign anywhere that you would like for it to be, and you can remove it and reposition it as you like.  There is no glue or adhesive involved.

3.    There is also the adhesive advertising signs.  This works with a light glue that is paint friendly and will also work on windows.  You simply remove the backing and stick it in the area that you want to affix it too.  Removing this type of sign just requires a little bit of heat being applied.  If removing it in the winter simply use a hair dryer, and if in the summer, let the car sit in the sun for a little while before you try to remove it.  Removal is fairly effortless and any additional residue left behind can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol.

Regardless of which one you choose, a car decal advertising application can really get your business noticed by a lot of people each and every day.  The best part about this type of ad is that it is effortless to apply and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  It is an affordable way to make a big impact ad that you can move around wherever you and your vehicle may go.  Car decal advertising is very versatile as well as being colorful, imaginative and eye catching.  It’s a portable message that brings your business name to the people, no matter where you might travel, day or night. 

Place car decal advertising on your bumper, in your window on the side of the car, the door, the back window or anyplace that you believe will get you the maximum exposure necessary to promote your business, organization or industry. 

With the cost of advertising skyrocketing along with everything else these days, car decal advertising is an affordable option that will be more visible than some of your other options. Other methods such as print, television or radio spots require people to participate by reading, watching or listening in order to receive your message.  By using a mobile form such as this, it almost sends a subliminal message to the reader that you are the business to call the next time they need the product or service you are promoting.


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