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Things To Consider With Safety Or Warning Signs

Few items in a business have the often understated importance of properly placed safety or warning signs. There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to choosing the right ones for the need, and sometimes, businesses are required by law to have the appropriate types of informational postings at specific areas. Of course, the types of safety or warning signs needed may vary according to the type of business, but there are some general types that most businesses need in the right location.

One example would have to be in the bathroom. Most states require that there be working hot water, available soap, and a proper drying method in the establishment. Along with the need for clean hands comes the need for a posting telling of the requirement to wash hands before returning to work. This is most common in the restaurant or hospitality industry. However, most types of businesses need this information available to employees.  It will usually tell them the proper method for washing before returning to work.

ANSI and OSHA regulate most safety or warning signs. In addition to this government compliance needed by businesses, ANSI and OSHA also regulate the placement and colorations of the information posted. Whether it is a cautionary, danger, simple information, or notice, OSHA and ANSI insure proper compliance with all statutes.

There are a variety of colors that go with the informational type. For instance, blue is often used to refer to notices posted; green is used for basic information posted; red is generally a warning or used to draw immediate attention; and yellow is used as a cautionary color. The colors are an important factor when it comes to these postings because of the drawing of the eye to the information.

Another important factor when it comes to safety or warning signs is the placement. A good example of necessary placement is revealed with the exits of an establishment. Regulation states all doorways must be marked appropriately for employee and client alike. Is that exit for emergencies only? Is the entrance restricted to employees only? Is that exit for emergencies or fires only? Having the placement near each doorway is vital to keeping traffic going in the right direction.

Some industries need emergency procedures for spills or possible chemical reactions to the skin or eyes. Posting is necessary to insure people know where to go should there be spills or accidents. Each station offering a reprieve from the injury needs an informational posting that is bold enough to be seen by the person in need.

In addition to the placement and coloration comes the need for the right size posting. A small exit posting is not going to be as effective as a large posting.  That leads to standards being put into place to insure the right font size is used to allow people to see the posting and understand what is being said.

There is a lot that goes into finding the right safety or warning signs, but OSHA and ANSI are there to help people get the right type and style for the establishment.

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