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Street Signage Has Been Used Throughout History

A great way to utilize local advertising is to erect street signage.  This is an attractive way to make sure that a business’s deals, specials, promotions and other events are made known to the public in the hopes of attracting new customers and servicing existing customers too.  There are many types of frames that are available to house the message, including those that are manufactured to be directly written on such as chalk and dry erase boards.  This allows one frame to serve many purposes day after day. 

This type of street signage is often seen a few feet away from the entrance to a shop.  It might include the menu for the day in a local bistro, manicure specials with the local salon or a buy one and get one free offer from a clothing store.  No matter what the message, this is a fantastic way to display it. Frames that are small and close to the ground or extra-large and stand taller can be purchased.  The only thing that is then needed is the creativity to offer a message that makes the person walking or driving by want to stop. 

There are some cities that have ordinances concerning street signage.  Each city and state has different regulations and it is best for the business owner to find out what their particular city ordinances are before making the decision to erect this type of placard. Usually these laws are passed by City Council and local law enforcement is informed of exactly what these regulations entail.  Some areas have laws that dictate how big the message can be in feet and inches.  Other areas may have laws concerning what the street signage can be composed of with restrictions on using plywood or other types of rough lumber.  Some cities do not allow hand written messages unless they are on a chalk board or a dry erase board.  Many times a permit to display this type of message is required.  Local law enforcement will be able to direct a business owner to the appropriate office within the city to obtain this type of permit.

There also may be laws surrounding the placement of the street signage in connection with the distance they are from with the roadway or curb.  Some of the regulations include those that allow for safe boarding and debarking of passengers which are arriving at or leaving the business.  This usually means that the messages cannot be within two feet of the curb.  Other types of stipulations in local laws include not blocking the entrance to any business with a frame that holds a message. 

Most areas that have passed legislation to direct the placement of these types of messages have done so to provide safe passage for those who may travel down the sidewalk on foot or stop in front of a business on the road.  These types of rules keep placards to a size that will be less likely to injure someone should they topple over.  Just like many other rules and regulations, they are put in place to keep the public safe from unnecessary harm.

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