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The Steps Of A Custom Trade Show Exhibit

A custom trade show exhibit takes detailed planning, but reaps amazing rewards.  A well designed eye-catching and informational custom trade show exhibit is well worth the investment to create.  People walking through the hall are more likely to pay attention and stop by a booth that looks professional.

The first step in designing a display is determining what the main sales message will be.  It should be informational, but short and to the point.   Something memorable that clearly relates to the product that is being promoted.  At this stage in advertising the target audience must be identified. This is so the message that is developed will resonate with that particular audience.  This same message should be used on the material accompanying the custom trade show exhibit.  Such materials include brochures, fliers, catalogs, etc.  The message must be a quick read and easy to understand.  Choosing words that are trendy is only a good idea if a company plans on redoing the display within a year or so.  Otherwise, it is prudent to stay away from catch phrases. 

Graphics that accompany the printed words should re-enforce the concept they present, and not distract from them.  For example, a picture of a busy city street would be counterproductive to advertising for a hunting company.  That would be unless the theme indicates that they are helping a person get away from “it all”.  The graphics also need to match the level of intensity indicated by the words.  A calm, soothing approach to advertising that is suitable for a day spa, is not recommended for promoting a sports car.  For the latter, a revved-up graphic that is flashy and intense is more appropriate.  The decision for creating a display that complements the theme is determined by its target audience, as well as the attributes of the product.

The size of the display is also another element that must be considered.  Is a large backdrop necessary, or would a few smaller ones be more beneficial?  The busy, cutting edge approach of multiple layers is good for a company advertising a modern item, or catering to a fast culture group.  However, for a product catering to a more subdued culture group, a simple display is more desirable. A single backdrop would most likely do the best job in this case. 

A custom trade show exhibit is much more than just the items mentioned above.  When someone is considering one of these advertising vehicles for increasing sales, the furnishings, lighting, seating, and layout for the booth space also need to be considered.  Furniture must be chosen that complements the theme.  The arrangement of the seating and displays of products are also important. The lighting helps set the mood at the booth as well.  The way the lights highlight certain elements of the space helps to increase the appeal, as well as direct the potential customers' eyes to the important areas.    These elements are all important, and must be considered in the design.

From creating the right message to paying attention to the details of the layout, a custom trade show exhibit requires a lot of planning.  However, the time and energy that is put in to designing this display will have a profitable return.

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