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ADA signage—though visible nearly everywhere, most people wouldn’t recognize them as ADA signs. As a Nation, though, we’ve become familiar with the distinctive wheelchair signs signifying parking spaces as being reserved for the handicapped ever since the initial passage of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, amended in 2008. The term “signage” merely refers to the rules which apply to the placement and nature of signs in a commercial area.

We’re all familiar with signs that are composed of a combination of symbols and Braille to identify rooms and doors in office buildings, schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and businesses everywhere. In order for your signs to be ADA-compliant every business owner must be knowledgeable about where and when to place the wayfinding and  ADA signage.

The size and spacing of the letters are required to be of a specific size and width determined by the distance from which the sign is to be read. Each sign, in addition to the pictograph, and Braille lettering, must also have a verbal written description as can be seen in the rest room signs below. Not everyone realizes that Braille is available in different languages, so if you live in a major metropolitan area with large populations who speak and read Braille in different languages, it is a good idea to post multiple versions of the tactile lettering.

You may never have noticed before, but single door entries have these signs mounted on the side of the door leading into the office or room which has the latch or door knob. This is the most visible and convenient place to hang them and is also within the ADA signage guidelines.

If the door is a double door with one inactive door, the sign may be placed on the inactive or immobilized door. If both doors are in active use, then the sign must be hung on the wall to the right of the door on the right-hand side. Of course, if there is no available wall space immediately next to the door or doors, then the nearest adjacent wall should be the location for the sign.

For safety reasons, the placement of the signs has been designated to the inch in the ADA signage rules in order to keep visitors clear of the doors and entry ways while searching for the desired room.

If you are opening a business and need more information, a good place to go to find out what all of your options are which meet or exceed ADA standards is a dedicated sign company. Kaiser Graphics is a company whose only business is signs. So if you are uncertain as to what your requirements are, your choices of color and types of ADA signage, as well as installation help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you through the entire process affordably so both you and your mobility or visually impaired clients will all be pleased. We can also help you will all of your other signage needs large or small: architectural signs and acrylic fabrication, graphics, vehicle graphics and wraps, trade show displays, and banners of all kinds.

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    The ADA Requirements For Signs
    The comprehensive ADA requirements set forth by Federal law in regards to proper architectural signage for a business environment are not to be overlooked.
    Why ADA Compliant Signage Is So Important
    The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all public areas display ADA compliant signage. There are many reasons for this. Many people have different types of disabilities that make it difficult for them to read or use placards that do not include special symbols and lettering.
    Hospital Signage Requirements
    Hospital signage requirements may include some things that are not required in all public buildings. Directional or wayfaring products are going to need to be posted throughout the building so people can easily navigate the halls.
    Placing No Smoking Signs In A Business
    For the sake of common courtesy, and state laws, most public buildings must have No Smoking signs placed so that everyone will be sure to see them.
    Access Signs And Their Reasoning
    With all of the rules and regulations today, you are seeing more and more access signs in buildings and areas. These are made for a very important reason, and that is to let people know whether they can use that particular place or not.
    All About ADA Braille Signs
    ADA Braille signs can be found everywhere that regular signs are found. The Americans with Disabilities Act made up a set of requirements that must be met when installing these markers in a public building.
    The Advantages Of Having Tactile Signs
    Tactile signs, also known as ADA signage, are specifically designed to assist those with visibility limitations. The signs are required to be posted according to very specific guidelines.
    The Aspects Of ADA Elevator Sign
    An ADA elevator sign can help identify the elevator and give some important instructions to go along with it. While the placard may be a bold burst of color or contrast of black and white, the better to catch your eye, it also has an additional aspect to it.
    Purchasing ADA Signs at Wholesale Prices
    If you are looking for ADA signs at wholesale prices, start by looking online. If you’re an owner or manager of a company, see about getting better pricing by purchasing larger amounts of signage. You can be sure to get sets of the placards that will appeal to your customer base, and get them at ...
    The Importance of ADA Sign Compliance
    A.D.A. sign compliance is something important for a company that wants to use architectural and wayfinding products. The company needs to be sure it knows all of the current guidelines for the architectural products, and be sure that it stays current as they change.
    Custom ADA Signs Empower the Impaired
    Though it is not well-known, Federal regulations leave room in the rules for custom ADA signs which permit companies to brand even these highly regulated signs.
    ADA Room Signs
    ADA room signs on the interior and exterior of all publicly accessible buildings were first madated by the Federal government when the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was first published on July 26, 1991.
    ADA Compliant Signs
    ADA compliant signs are wayfinding signs that came into being with the passage of the American Disabilities Act in 1992 to allow impaired persons to retain their independence and effectively find their way around.
    ADA Signs
    ADA signs are those signs mandated by the 1992 Federal Americans with Disabilities Act which was enacted to help make public places more easily accessible to Americans with disabilities.
    Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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