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The history of signs and signage dates back to ancient Rome, when signs were made out of different types of stones and terracotta. As they evolved, signs were advertisements that people hand painted or carved, generally for pubs. However they were not exclusive to just pubs. In the early 1800’s many shops, inns, etc. used outdoor signs to let the general public become aware that they are performing some type of service at that dwelling or location. Often this type of outdoor signage was made to be elaborate and attractive, usually not displaying a name, but a picture to represent what services are being offered.

There are several types of signage that are useful for getting information out to the public these days. The most common signs that we see today are metal signs like street signs, which are stamped out of some type of metal and often the lettering is embossed, printed, or both. The neon sign was a popular type of sign just before LED signs were introduced to the market. Neon digital signage is made to be brightly colored electric signs. At the Paris Expo, in 1910, neon signs were introduced. Neon signs are made when glass tubes are curved and bent into certain words and shapes. Modular is a type of sign made of elementary units that are pre-designed ahead of time. There are custom signs, and often times the hand carved or painted signs are considered to fall into this family. These signs are made from scratch to fit a certain need or specific requirement from the purchaser or for special projects. LED digital signs are made from a newer type of LED lighting that was designed to be brighter and last longer than the more modern lighting systems previously used. There are outdoor signs specifically designed to help people find their way, and they are generally used by a specific facility such as an airport or hospital to aide patrons in finding where they need to go.

Many shapes are designed for certain purposes. Signage shapes have meanings, and many times their meanings are different depending on what part of the world one is in. Rectangular signs generally give information to the public, such a one way streets and do not enter signs. A circular shape represents rules that must be followed. Triangle signs are generally warning signs. One of the most common sign shapes is the octagon, which is a sign indicating that one must stop briefly for safety.

As you can see, there are many types of signage known to the public today and therefore your needs should be addressed by a competent signage company. The most commonly seen types of signs are used for advertisement purposes and street signs, banners, trade show exhibits and mall kiosks, as well as vehicle wraps that let you advertise as you drive. Generally signs have been around since ancient times and there were even laws requiring certain establishments to post signs at places such as pubs.

Signs are a huge part of the advertising industry and are a way for companies to reach the general public. There is a constant need these days to be innovative and competitive in the signage industry.

Completely surrounding us, even on the internet in a digital form, signs  have become a part of our daily lives. Ranging from from little signs that are mounted in the ground, to larger billboards that light up and digital online ads the only thing that remains constant is the need for good graphic design that catched our jaded eyes that see so much advertising. Kaiser Graphics not only prints or fabricates all kinds of signs including banners, vehicle wraps, trade show displays and exhibits, wayfinding and architectural signs that meet your needs perfectly, we also have talented designers on staff to help you make your sign stand out from the rest. We are your one stop signage company. Give us a call today.

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    Types And Styles Of Construction Signage
    Everyone has seen construction signage with messages like, Detour Ahead, Road Work Ahead, and Hard Hat Area. Those messages are designed to keep people and workers safe while performing often dangerous heavy-duty tasks.
    The Benefits Of Using Indoor Signage
    The use of indoor signage can be very persuasive to the consumer. This is the best way to let the customers know that a business is featuring a sale, a special product or an upcoming event.
    Street Signage Has Been Used Throughout History
    A great way to utilize local advertising is to erect street signage. This is an attractive way to make sure that a businessís deals, specials, promotions and other events are made known to the public in the hopes of attracting new customers and servicing existing customers too.
    What To Ask When It Comes To Sign Fabrication
    Knowing who to contact and what to ask when it comes to sign fabrication is a good start in getting the best design for the investment. There are all types of signs and each one does a good job of informing the viewer.
    Things To Consider With Safety Or Warning Signs
    Few items in a business have the often understated importance of properly placed safety or warning signs.
    Attract Customers With Storefront Signage
    Storefront signage attracts the attention of potential customers as they pass by the place of business. Introducing the world to its products and services is the primary purpose of storefront signage.
    The Purpose Of Swimming Pool Signs
    Swimming pool signs help keep the fun going while preventing accidents from happening. As much fun as any activity is, there are always rules that go along with it to help keep everyone safe. This activity produces more yearly injuries than most any other does.
    Different Examples Of Signage
    No matter where you wander, you will see many examples of signage. Whether it is a label on an office door or the placard in the lobby, you will see this type of thing throughout your day.
    Varieties Of Retail Signs
    There are a great many ways to make retail signs. The options are just about endless. Just to name a few that are available for you to choose from, there are backlit prints, die cut decals, and etched glass decals.
    The Importance Of Emergency Exit Signage
    Emergency exit signage is a very important feature in any public building. There are many rules and regulations that are for them.
    Signage Solutions
    When thinking of signage solutions, consider digital signs, they happen to be one of the fastest growing industries and has become very popular among business owners.
    Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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