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Screen Printing on Glass

Screen printing on glass has supplanted age old glass printing has thanks to new technology, and it’s more affordable, too. Instead of just sending photographs to relatives you could opt to have the images printed onto glass for a much more distinctive way to share memories.

Traditional screen-printing involves ink being forced through holes in a mesh screen and onto paper or cloth.  Wax is sometimes the material used to fill some of the holes and make patterns by controlling where the ink goes.  Combining this procedure with multiple print runs makes it possible to create multi-colored works of art.  Making copies of the same item can be achieved by using the same screens again and again.

By replacing the traditional paints used in the screen printing process with glass enamels, it is now possible make custom glass prints.  The enamels must be screened onto the glass and allowed to dry.  Once they are dry, they will then be fired to maturity.

If you are in charge of ordering awards for a banquet or a business function, why not go with screen printing on glass rather than the same old boring awards in faux metal and cheap wood?  Glass printing is sophisticated with shine and gloss.  It will make the recipient feel as if their achievement is much more special because the award itself is unique and distinctive.  Because you add color and design to the award, it becomes a piece of art rather than the same old boring award material of the past.  You can also take an award that was accepted in the past and transfer it to glass using screen printing for a new idea that will surely be cherished.

This new technology has provided a new use for a timeless printing process.  Now you can place glass print signs of your choice on a glass surface with vibrant color, unique style and personal flair.  Turn business certificates, diplomas, and awards into a work of sparkling glass art. Do you have a favorite poem or quotation that you feel inspired to display in your home?  Find a beautiful glass surface and turn it into a screen printing on glass work of art.

Are you a new business trying to decide on a way to draw potential customers to you?  Design a beautiful crafted glass sign that will glitter and become a glistening custom sign that visitors will remember. Screen printing on glass now allows you to design striking architectural signs that can be exquisitely illuminated. Glass print on  racks, promotional items, glass museum signs and many other types of glass ware that you desire to print upon. With glass printing you can incorporate your logo onto a glass sign or distribute pint glasses or stemware  as gifts with this specialized screen glass printing process.  This is an affordable option as well as being completely unique and limited only to your imagination and design. Is your trade show display in need of sprucing up?  You can liven up your booth or table with screen printing on glass to produce a sign that will announce your product or service with style.

Kaiser Industries has been helping people with custom and standard signage needs for over twenty years from distinctive signs to special occasion  banners, from trade show exhibits to traffic stopping vehicle wraps. Call us today to find out how we can help you make a splash with your signs!

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