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Safety Signs Need to Be Eye-catching

When it comes to safety signs in the workplace, they seem to pepper the landscape of every office. Unfortunately, many people have become numb when it comes to this kind of signage.  It is rather like flying on an airplane when it comes to the emergency flier that people are always asked to take out and look over as the flight attendants go over the emergency procedures.  Many people look over them and pay no attention, but wouldn't it be better if it was paid attention too in case of an emergency?  Same thing goes for safety signs in the office place.  They are there for a reason.
It is important and per some federal regulations, a law, to have these and other wayfinding signage in proper places around one’s office or office space.  Probably one of the more important safety signs one would have in their office would be the emergency exit sign as well as the exit route.  Both of these must be placed by each emergency exit.  If the building that the office is in has multiple floors, the evacuation plans need to also clearly state how to evacuate if the elevator is inoperable.  There should be clear instructions of what to do if the people are unable to use the elevator and clear directions as to where the stairs or other evacuation access point is.  These should be posted where the elevators and stairs are.  
Make sure that  ADA signage (Americans with Disabilities Act) meets regulations so that they are done in braille for visually impaired employees or visitors and have the ability to remain lighted in case of a power outage.  In conjunction with that would be posting where the nearest fire extinguisher is.  This helps meet fire marshal standards as well.  There will also need to be a maximum occupancy posted to help meet these regulations.
OSHA safety signs are those that one would place in the office to notify people of eye washing centers in case of an eye injury, uneven walking spaces like “watch your step”, or “wash your hands” in the restrooms above the sinks and on the back of the restroom exit door.  The latter is paramount to help in keeping the workforce healthy and stop the spread of common diseases like the cold and influenza.
Depending on the layout of the office space, it may also be necessary to post electrical warning safety signs.  These are necessary to have around electrical panels, control panels, or switchboards.  One may also find these in a business’s server room.  Others that may be posted in a server room are “no smoking”, “no food/beverage”, and “please keep door closed”.  These may not seem important, but one spilled drink on a router would prove that this is a very important posting indeed.
All offices should have a First Aid kit, but many are also purchasing automated external defibrillators.  The office should have clear postings as to where these are located.  Many first aid kits can be securely fastened to the wall.  There should also be a trained person on staff to know how to properly administer first aid in case of an emergency.  Above all else, be sure that all signs are eye-catching, located where people can see them clearly, understandable to people of any language, and well lit if necessary.

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