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The Rules For Restaurant Restroom Signs

Today most people will not see a huge variety of styles when it comes to restaurant restroom signs, but before the ADA came along, there was a different style plaque hanging in every eating establishment. The ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, was formed to make it easier for people with impairments to read and understand signs that labeled different rooms inside of a public building.  In doing this, they made these plaques, including restaurant restroom signs standard and uniform so that they could be recognized from a long distance away.  A person might not believe all of the rules and regulations that are involved with the hanging of these plaques.  Regardless of the requirements, the results are very beneficial to everyone. 

One of the first things that a person may notice about this type of signage is the location in which they are hung.  Instead of putting them in a random spot on the wall, they are required to always be located on the side of the door that has the latch, and they must not be hung any higher than 60 inches above the floor. This is so that anyone can quickly and easily locate and read the plaque.  Perhaps someone in a wheelchair needs access to the facilities, with the height in which it is mounted, they should be able to see the label just fine. 

For those people who have visual impairments, the ADA has made it a requirement that restaurant restroom signs present a Braille translation next to the sign.  Since the goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone, this feature is a very important one.  It would be virtually impossible for someone who is blind or very limited with sight to find a bathroom, or any other room without Braille.  It should be a Grade 2 Braille that is used for the translation.  To make sure that it can be found promptly, these should always be located directly beneath the plaque in which it is translating. 

Restaurant restroom signs must have a standard size as well.  Studies have shown that the perfect size for letters is no less than 3 inches.  All of the letters will need to be raised at about 1/32 inches.  They should be made with a non-glare surface so they can be seen at all times. 

Symbols are a major factor in the requirements for hanging these labels.  They are the main reason that they can be read and understood from far away.  Each doorway should have the universal symbol for either men or women along with the wheelchair accessible symbol.  It is a challenge for someone in a wheelchair to use these facilities, so they need restaurant restroom signs to let them know if the room is handicap equipped. 

Coloring is yet another vital feature that all of them should have.  It wouldn’t do anyone any good if the letters and the background were too close to the same color.  They need to contrast greatly in order for people to read them easily.  If the background is a dark color, then the letters must be a light shade.  The most popular colors are blue for the background and white for the letters.

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