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The Rules Concerning Handicap Parking Signs

The ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act, has rules and guidelines concerning handicap parking signs.  These rules and guidelines are federally mandated; meaning that they are the same throughout the country.  However, there may be additional state requirements imposed as well.  As with many regulations, the state laws may vary greatly from state to state, but the federal mandate will always be the same.  The placard will also have the universal pictorial for disability which is a person in a wheelchair and it will always be blue and white in color. 

All of the handicap parking signs in any type of area where cars must pick up and drop off passengers, or be left so that the driver can go inside an establishment are put into place to designate areas where no one other than those who have a special permit can leave their vehicle.  Anyone who uses these designated spaces without the proper permit can face fines and charges that vary from state to state. The fines will sometimes include having the violating vehicle impounded.  These placards are placed in front of each of the designated spaces that have been reserved for use by disabled drivers and passengers who are also permit holders.

People who require the use of a space that is designated by handicap parking signs are usually those that need to be close to the entrance of a store or building.  This is because of disabilities that limit their mobility.  Many disabled people also need to use a wheelchair for a variety of reasons.  The spaces are extra wide to allow for the wheelchair to be accessible while getting into or out of the vehicle. 

ADA recommendations and mandates are put into place so that the visibility of the handicap parking signs is not an issue.  These placards should be easily viewed even if other cars are in other spaces that are designated for the same purpose.  Some will denote that they are van accessible for those individuals who may need a van to transport their wheelchair or other transportation device. 

There are rules governing how many spaces should be included in each lot as well.  It is recommended that any lot, even the smaller ones should have at least one space that is ADA designated. The rules for bigger lots include designating four spaces if the lot accommodates one hundred vehicles or less, nine spaces if the lot accommodates five hundred vehicles or less, and more than five hundred vehicle accommodating lots should set aside two percent of their spaces to be ADA designated. 

These spaces are always close to the entrance of the building or store and they will always be marked with handicap parking signs so that people will know that this is their designated purpose.  Not only is this federal law, but it should also be common courtesy of other drivers to never use one of these spaces and deprive a disabled driver the opportunity to be as close to the entrance as possible.

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