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ADA Restroom Signs Help Everyone

ADA restroom signs are in widespread usage in businesses and public restrooms across the country.   While fulfilling these regulations will satisfy your legal obligation, having ADA restroom signs will add to the success of your company as well--welcoming those with disabilities into your facility, and providing them with the tools they need to easily navigate your site.

Many do not realize all of the details that must be considered for designing and posting ADA-compliant signs.  The American with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA was first passed by Congress in 1990, and later amended and updated in 2009. This act protects those with limitations in many ways, including their attempts to seek employment, as well as access to public transportation, as well as signs and easements that help them safely navigate public buildings.

There are a number of common designs available for compliant bathroom signs. They can vary in size and style, yet a standard 8 x 8 plaque is commonly utilized. Though not generally known there are some stylistic variations permissible by law that let companies seamlessly integrate these signs with the rest of their branded signage.

Generally, compliant ADA restroom signs begin with the standard location placard, which notifies patrons of the basic direction to go. They can also choose from a variety of compliant bathroom signs to indicate either a men’s, a women’s or a unisex restroom. An ISA sign includes both the standard graphic for the specific sex, plus the International Symbol of Accessibility graphic that notifies users of the wheelchair accessibility as pictured.

ADA signage that is legal must meet a number of specific regulations. For instance, the lettering used must not be smaller than 5/8 of an inch or any larger than 2 inches and use a basic font such as Sans Serif.  Also, the tactile thickness must be at least 3/32 of an inch with a pictogram that illustrates an appropriate description, such as a man or a person in a wheelchair. A grade 2 Braille translation must also be present. Braille is available in a variety of languages, so it is important to consider your audience and incorporate multiple languages when necessary. A non-glare material is required for the background to assist those with visual impairments. It is important that no matter what color is used, that there is a high contrast between the wording and graphics, as well as the background it is printed on.

There are further regulations regarding the placement of ADA restroom signs. To guarantee that they are safely placed in convenient and observable locations, the law states that they are to be placed on the wall near the door that it is labeling. For a single door, it must be placed on the latch side of the door, or on the closest neighboring wall if necessary. When a double door is present, but only one door is used, the sign is to be placed on the immobilized door. If both doors are in use, it must be mounted on the right side of the right-handed door.

It is important to follow these guidelines closely when planning and designing your ADA restroom signs. A sign company whose only business is signage will easily be able to help you brand your signs and still meet your legal obligations allowing your business to welcome all of your customers. They’ll also be able to help you with everything from banners and custom signs to trade show displays.

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