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Reasons For Using Plexiglass Table Tops

There are many reasons that one might choose plexiglass table tops to purchase instead of glass. These types of tabletops are very popular and useful when it comes to displays for trade shows and conventions.  This type of piece can be utilized in any number of various ways, whether to show pictures of previous work, or to showcase the company logo under a protective covering.  This type of setup can be accompanied by acrylic brochure stands with the company contact information and booklets for patrons to pick up and take home with them for future purchases.

Plexiglass table tops are much more durable than their glass counterparts.  They are especially ideal in settings with a lot of people and foot traffic.  They are available in many different sizes and thicknesses and can be made by a custom fabrication company to fit any dimension needed. These heavy duty table centers are made to be resistant in any type of environment.   They are extremely durable and will be able to withstand nearly any type of weather conditions, which is extremely useful for outdoor displays.

When considering the differences between plexiglass table tops and products made from glass, safety may be the first issue that comes to one’s mind.  This is a very substantial concern.  When using either of these materials around the public, safety should always be the number one priority.  Glass is not nearly as durable and can be broken quite easily.  Not only is there the impending danger of someone getting hurt, there is also the matter of cleanup, as well as the fact that the fallen material can no longer be used, leaving the display without a proper covering.

Another important factor when looking at the differences of glass and plexiglass table tops is the matter of handling when moving the trade show displays from one convention center or area to another.  Aside from being extremely fragile, glass is also very heavy and not easily moved.  On the other hand, the alternative is not only lightweight and very functional, it is also quite easy to move and handle.  With both being made to be transparent and easily show pictures of products underneath, the choice is really quite clear when considering one product over the other.

The appearance between the traditional glass and the plexiglass table tops are so similar that many are not able to tell the difference between the two at first glance.  The latter is much lighter than the former, and much easier to handle by one person, making it ideal for nearly any type of use that one can think of.  With either of these materials one may opt to have the piece etched in order to give it a more customized appearance.  Another factor that one must consider when deciding between the two products is that the acrylic version is generally much more cost effective.  Not only is it less expensive to manufacture and cut to size, but shipping costs are only a fraction of those for the heavier product, making it easier on the budget all the way around.

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