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The Purpose Of Architectural Exit Signs

Architectural exit signs are designed to tell people how to get off the premises in case of an emergency.  This route should be easily accessible and without any obstructions.  It should also lead directly outside to a street or refuge area that has access to the outside.  While the standard is typically two, the number of exit routes depends on the size of the building and how many employees there are in the building.  

Placed at several key points, Architectural exit signs guide those who may need to use them.  The access posting will give an instant visual as to where the fire escape is located.  Corridor placards will provide the direction needed to go in order to leave the building.  The door itself will have postings on it to evacuate people safely out of the building.  In some instances, there may be only the overhead signage with the writing on the door directly below.  In other instances, a corridor or a stairwell may be involved.  Therefore, there will need to be several or even dozens of architectural exit signs to get occupants out of danger and into safety.  There are basic guidelines that a business has to follow to comply with OSHA and other Federal regulations.  Each state may also implement certain guidelines regarding the postings and their designated placement within a structure.  As stated earlier, the regulations as to what type and how many that need to be hung depend solely on the size of the company space and overall employee count.

There are many options available for the proprietor.  For instance, Architectural exit signs may include Braille on them to help with visually impaired individuals.  This smudge-proof, long-lasting directional tool is perfect for stairwells.  Most will be offered in a variety of styles and come in a multitude of colors to match and compliment the wall decor.  There are several of these styles that can be customized.  By adding specific information to the postings, clear and concise directions will eliminate any confusion regarding proper evacuation procedures.  They can come as edge-lit placards which can be mounted to the ceiling.  They are also made as a photo luminescent placard or as a thermoplastic LED placard.  Photo luminescent signage can clearly be seen even if the lights go out.  The material absorbs light, therefore allowing the postings to glow for hours without having to worry about batteries or being hard-wired.  LED placards are energy-saving fire escape postings which illuminate very nicely under all conditions.  

Architectural exit signs are typically made from either cast aluminum, steel, or of a thermoplastic material.  Thermoplastics are perfect for this particular job because the material can withstand many cycles of being heated and cooled.  There are options out there that come as a combination of emergency lighting and a placard.  Several choices are available that are weatherproofed.  Of those, emergency lighting can also be added to the fiberglass housing.  Lastly, the proprietor may want to choose vandal-resistant postings for those high-traffic areas such as schools, or apartment complexes that often suffer from vandalism.

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