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Purchasing Exterior Architectural Signage

Exterior architectural signage is used to assist people in getting securely, quickly, and correctly from one location to the next. Having appropriate postings helps inform visitors and guests of directions, and some types inform people of necessary information not easily obtained elsewhere. There are numerous types and styles of postings for a company to choose from, and the type and style preferred often comes down to what is needed to get the information to potential visitors or clients.

An example of exterior architectural signage can be seen at a hospital. There are generally illuminated postings that help steer drivers to the right section of the parking lot, so they can enter the facility at the right location. For instance, a custom sign may help direct travelers to the main entrance or to visitor parking. Emergency rooms are often highlighted with bright red illuminated colors to ensure people with emergencies go to the right location. The flow of traffic at a hospital needs to move smoothly and in an orderly fashion. Inside the hospital, interior signs help steer people where they need to go. 

Another example can be found with government buildings. Many large metro areas have large government facilities. Having the right type of exterior architectural signage helps ensure people can park near the entrance, and directions often include a separate exit and entrance. Government buildings are usually busy, and without the right directions people would get lost rather quickly.

One reason many companies like custom outdoor postings is that it is completely tailored allowing a company to utilize any size, material, shape, or color imaginable. Having something so customizable allows a company, organization, or corporation to really make an impression while ensuring guests do not get lost, confused, and frustrated.

Another reason companies turn to a printing expert is that there are ADA compliancy regulations that must be maintained. A professional sign company can help ensure an organization is compliant with all ADA regulations. Outside, ADA compliancy may include properly labeling wheelchair accessible parking.

Purchasing exterior architectural signage often leads the purchaser to explore a variety of materials. Things to consider before a purchase would be the ease of cleaning, any maintenance that may be needed, and the size necessary to inform the public. The various materials offer advantages that are often unique to a particular industry. For instance, a wood label may be best for smaller businesses, whereas larger corporations may appreciate the look and durability of marble.

A complete system is necessary to ensure cohesiveness from one location to the next. Similar styles, colors, and proper placement are necessary to achieve better results from the labeling of doorways, exits, entrances, and departments. In addition, the right labels will match the entire system while insuring ADA compliancy throughout the organization.

Whether a simple monument label or complete system is needed, having the right exterior architectural signage is vital to an organization. Regardless of the size of the organization, proper directions and information assists the flow of traffic getting people where they need to go in a timely manner free of frustration. There is a multitude of ways to get the best system for an organization. Hiring a professional printing company guarantees ADA compliance, and that the right postings will be made for the business.

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