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The Process Of Screen Printed Glass

Where it was once necessary to have windows painted now screen printed glass technology makes that an obsolete process.  It used to take a painter a very long time to meticulously paint each letter onto a window for a business.  Of course anything that costs company man hours is going to be expensive.  This process was just that, expensive.  Then once it was done, the paint would soon give way to cracking, chipping and peeling because of exposure.  Paint didn’t bode well in extreme temperatures whether they were hot or cold.  Wind and debris hitting the window also played a part in its erosion.  It wasn’t long before the business owner had to have this expensive process redone all over again.

Screen printed glass technology changed things when it comes to having windows display images and wording for a business.  At one time this type of transfer involved ink having to be sent through a vessel made of some sort of mesh-like material and this would then be transferred onto paper or cloth.  It was unheard of to try something like this on windows.  Now enamels that are made of porcelain like substances take the place of the inks that were once used.  This makes it possible to take the old process and by using the new enamels, perform screen printed glass techniques.

Because this process is done on a wide scale, the cost is much more affordable than employing a company to paint the windows.  Not only that, but now it is possible to have images and text on the windows of a business in a lot less time as well.  They can be done in the traditional black and white, a couple of colors or a multitude of colors.  There is also no limit to the size of the font or graphics used either.  Screen printed glass windows would be an asset to any company.  Being able to put the company logo or images onto the windows of the business is eye catching and attention getting.  This is sure to drive in more business. 

Not only is this process more affordable, it is much nicer looking.  This technique will also be extremely long lasting and it will withstand extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.  It will also be much more resistant to the effects of being exposed to flying debris on windy days.

The professionals that arrive to do the screen printed glass windows can work from images or photographs that the business owner has, or they can offer an array of cataloged images from which the business owner can choose.  Even specialized print such as calligraphy is not a problem using this technique.  However, in the past if a company had to come in and paint this calligraphy lettering, it was often a lot more expensive because of the degree of difficulty. 

For a clean, clear, and crisp advertisement that is also as unique as it is smart looking, the wise business owner would choose this type of image transfer for their windows.

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