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The Process Of Digital Printing Glass

Although digital printing on glass may be fairly new, putting different images on drink ware is nothing new.  The process has been around for quite some time now.  Companies use this process in order to advertise for either their corporation or a new product they are producing.  Other people get this done for gift ideas or to celebrate a special occasion.  The old way of transferring an image is not outdated, but digital printing on glass is a much more efficient way to have this done. 

There are several reasons why more and more people are choosing to use digital printing on glass.  One reason is that a better quality of ink is being used for this process.  It is much more durable and produces a bolder color.  This is a big deal because nearly all of the other types of ink on the market do not last nearly as long as this new ink.  This is great for the large businesses because they want their advertising to last for a very long time.  Using this method ensures that their promotions will be seen for a very long time. 

Prior to this new way of transferring an image to glass, the ink used was made of UV curable solutions.  This made things much easier for manufacturers.  Today’s ink is a solvent based material that further improves this process.  This ink allows the manufacturer to have much more detail to each design.  The colors are brighter and more vibrant than before as well.  This is kind of like comparing television with a TV antenna to HD television.  People can definitely see the difference.  Surprisingly enough, this ink not only enhances the look and durability of pictures put on drink ware, it also is much faster and less expensive. 

Businesses love having digital printing on glass because it is cost efficient, and looks great.  That is not the only reasons though.  Using this process opens up an almost limitless range of design options for customers.  Any business wants nothing short of the best advertisements for their company or product.  With this new technology, they can make their designs stand out and be unique. 

This bodes well for anyone else as for as that matter goes.  If someone is looking to give the perfect custom gift to the new bride and groom, it is nice to have so many choices to make the gift truly stand out from anything else.  If this process is to commemorate a special event or memory, the person will want to use digital printing on glass to make sure that they can look back at that wonderful time for many years to come. 

Another benefit that people love about this process is the fact that no additional equipment is needed to make improvements.  The old way involved different stages, which in turn, involved several pieces of equipment.  Today, the image can be saved on a computer which eliminates the need for all of that extra equipment.  Storing everything onto a computer allows for much more images to be saved and kept for future printing. 

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