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Plastic Fabrication Services Combine Signs & Displays

In the business world, plastic fabrication services are a very valuable asset to have.  It is useful for making all kinds of different products for your business. Whether it is making signs to help people find your place of business, custom retail displays with integrated signage, or components that help make the things in your company work properly, they can make it happen. Plastic fabrication services can help with several aspects, including supply, design, tool manufacturing, machining, and even assembly.

The making and shipping of stock components made of this material are among the most basic types of services available.  It is perfect for in-house manufacturing processes.  Some examples of the more standard supplies that are readily available are plastic rods, tubing, and sheeting.  The types of plastic that are offered will vary with each manufacturer, but the most common are acetyl, acrylic, polycarbonate, and polypropylene.  Plastic fabricators can create any shape and size that you may need for your product, as custom work is a common request in this area.

When performing plastic fabrication services, special tools come into play to create your retail displays or other products.  Casting molds are among the most common tools to aid in the creation of specialized pieces.  Trim fixtures, plug assist fixtures, and pressure-forming fixtures are some examples of commonly used items.   All of these things work in perfect harmony with each other to bring you the finished, customized product you were looking for.

No matter what kind of product you are looking to have made, it all starts with the design.  The right design can either make or break your product.  It has to be a smart design so you can have complete functionality, quality, and of course aesthetics, all combined in one.  First you need to get your basic design down.  This is called the conceptual design.  After you get the basics out of the way, you can work out all the details with the help of design programs on a computer.  Computer-aided designs (CAD) make your product in either 2-D or 3-D, depending on which you prefer.  By doing this there will be no guess work needed.  You can see your design from any and every angle possible.  The perfect design will translate into the perfect product, and can often have logos or other graphics included in the finished products.

Machining and assembly services are offered in cases where the product that is being fabricated cannot be completely done in-house.  Any method used to cut and shape this material into the desired shape is a form of machining service.  Machining can create an entire product, or it can do just a portion of one, or additional components, so it can be finished up in the actual factory.  Types of machining include things such as casting, milling, laminating, and cutting. 

Assembly lines are a little different than machining.  This method is used when several small parts are need to be put together to make the whole product.  This process is also utilized to finish surfaces and get true dimensional accuracy.  When you need to package several thousands of products, you can get them packaged and ready for retail using an assembly line, where each machine does it’s part to make the pieces fit perfectly together, providing you with the finished product.   All of these techniques are part of what makes plastic fabrication services so useful.

Like anything else you do in life, be sure and do some research when choosing someone for plastic fabrication services.  There are many websites that can help you in your search for the right plastic fabricators.  You want to make sure you choose a company that has been in business for a long time, and that has a solid reputation in the business community. Kaiser Industries has been making signs and retail displays using acrylic fabrication for many years. Please call us for more information about our plastic fabrication services.

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