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Planning And Designing Exhibit Booth Displays

Exhibit booth displays create a visual representation of a company’s product or service. When professionally planned and designed it can leave a lasting image in the minds of future clientele. There are many aspects to consider when creating a successful trade show space, from the overall objective to the eye-catching details on the signage utilized. Exhibit booth displays have the ability to set a company apart from others in the industry. It is important to reach the target audience in a quick and effortless manner.

Trade shows can be rather large events, depending on the number of exhibitors attending and the location it is to take place. Generally, the space allotted for each company is a ten foot by ten foot area with one side on an aisle for observers. The back side of the area is usually made up of an eight foot divider wall. Each assigned space is then set up by the individual company to meet their specific needs and overall appearance goals. Many types of exhibit booth displays are available to lure in potential clients and leave a lasting impression in the days to come. The final presentation can ultimately serve a number of purposes, including increasing sales and customer base, introducing a new product or service, maintaining a strong position in the industry, and generating a lasting interest in the company.

There are a number of considerations to take into account when selecting and designing exhibit booth displays. It is important to begin with the goals to be accomplished with such a set-up and to consider the target audience. Knowing the budget allocated for this purpose as well as the type of event and space available will ensure the choices made will maximize the overall return on investment. Next, the style of presentation should be chosen. Tabletop set-ups are easy to transport and assemble with the signage being attached directly to the metal framework. Pop-up styles utilize various materials to construct a graphic area and can be free standing or secured to the actual space divider. Banner stands are free standing panels that are available in numerous materials and are extremely portable and easy to assemble. Other options to choose from include table covers, modular units, pull-up signage, and custom designs. Many of the current models are made of innovative materials to decrease the weight and add to their portability and effortless set-up. The actual content and layout of the visual piece must be appealing to those viewing it through the use of graphics, catchy wording, and color. It is just as important to include the company name, logo, and main message to be communicated. Colors should be noticeable while not taking away from the professional appearance.

Designing effective exhibit booth displays can be overwhelming to any marketing team, yet an experienced company in this particular industry can assist in every step of the process. Some may provide rental pieces to allow for easy changes from event to event, while others will provide the necessary knowledge to customize an ideal presentation for a particular client. Some companies will concentrate their work on a certain style and others can produce various types. It is important to do thorough research as there are many such businesses locally and online. When created with the right expertise and the final objective in mind, a company’s presence at a trade show can increase their standing in the industry and draw an extensive new customer base.

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