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Placing No Smoking Signs In A Business

For the sake of common courtesy, and state laws, most public buildings must have No Smoking signs placed so that everyone will be sure to see them.  A couple of decades ago, it was just fine for people to have cigarettes inside of a restaurant or other public buildings.  Over the years, though, studies have shown just how harmful and life threatening they really are.  Today, people need to know before they even enter a building that it does not allow any use of tobacco products.  No Smoking signs must be visible in several areas within a building so that there is not any question of the rule.  One posting may be missed, but multiple notices cannot be ignored. 

Each state has its own laws regarding this issue.  Believe it or not, some states still do not have laws against smoking in public.  The good news is that the majority of them do.  Some of these states even have specific requirements that must be followed with putting these notices up.  Making the look of them uniform helps make them easier to recognize by everyone.  Certain colors, fonts, sizes, and heights are all things that will be gone over in the set of regulations.  The ADA has changed the entire platform of sign making.  Their goal is to make it easy for people with handicaps to know what room they are going into and other key information they will need to know.  No Smoking signs are not just notices that label rooms, but anyone with a visual impairment will need to know this information as well. 

If the public building in question is a restaurant, there are many ideal locations that will need a notice put up to remind the customers about their policy.  Obviously, the most important location is always the entrance of the building.  Placing the posting on the doors or to the side of the doors will make it easy for any of the customers to spot.  Another great place to have one posted would be around the hostess area.  That way, when customers are about to be seated, they can be warned again about the policy.  Naturally, the prime spot to place No Smoking signs in a restaurant are the tables.  With this habit, people are more prone to want to smoke during or right after a meal.  Placing a notice right there on the table will reinforce the rules about the use of tobacco.  One last place that they are needed would be the restroom.  Those who are determined to sneak in a cigarette will sometimes go to the restroom to do so.  Posting warnings in there will aid in keeping that from happening. 

In any other public building, most of the locations are the same.  People need to be told about the rule before they enter any building.  This way they can put out and discard a cigarette if they have one at that moment.  No Smoking signs should be placed in heavy traffic areas around the building to constantly remind people not to use tobacco.  Any place where a person has to sit down and wait is an ideal place because the urge hits people when they are idle.

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