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Picking The Perfect Custom Banner Color

Coloration is an important part of decorating, whether for a personal living room or for a professional custom banner. Colors are capable of stimulating, soothing, exciting, calming, and evoking just about any emotion imaginable. Understanding how a good color scheme can make or break any business plan is essential. That is why when a business is deciding on the best colors for any type of signs, a successful business will investigate the feeling the colors can elicit before getting started.

Psychologists claim that non-verbal communication is even more important that verbal communication when it comes to interacting with other intelligent beings. Even animals are known to react differently depending on the colors seen by the animal. In short, colors are not just seen by potential clients or customers, those colors are actually experienced. As a business owner, a custom banner with the appropriate coloration is capable of bringing in more potential clients or customers without the need for a lot of expensive advertising methods that are popular today.

What colors are best for a business?


Whether a fire red or more of a mellow tone, red is indicative of passion, strength, vitality, and excitement when added to custom banner designs for the business. Often times, red is associated with boldness and is found to mean debt. Red is an intense color often worn to stimulate potential clients and is associated with the spending of money. It is great as a main color or even better as an accent color.


Orange is often used with graphs or chart in the business world. Associated with cheer, strength, ambition, and pleasure, orange is a mellow color which is great when needing to pull the eyes towards a bright color without overpowering the custom banner.


Suggestive of cheer, warmth, happiness, and sunshine, yellow often appeals most to the intellectual types. Great as an accent color, yellow helps improve concentration. However, yellow is difficult for the brain to process and is often overused, causing a loss of interest in the sign used. As an accent color, yellow can highlight important letters of images.


One of the more popular colors, blue is often worn by military or authority figures leading blue to be associated with security, dignity, and faithfulness. Blue is used when production needs to be increased because it is a cool color calming the spirit and mind. Blue is also one of the best colors when wanting to add power to an advertisement.


Green is a refreshing color offering an increase in fertility and freshness. Green is associated most commonly with nature, making green an easy color to add when health is important. Calming and invigorating, green makes a great color scheme for any business or professional wanting to get in touch with nature.

While black and white are the most common colors used when it comes to advertising, many other colors can be added to elicit a wide array of emotional and mental responses. Utilizing the affordability of a custom banner is a great way to appeal non-verbally to those potential clients without spending an arm and a leg, and all that is needed is the right color schemes for your business needs.

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