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Personalize With Screen Printing On Glass

Screen printing on glass is one awesome way to personalize and revamp ordinary glass into a piece of art that stands out among all others.  It is also an accomplished type of artwork that several people have been able to master throughout the years.  There are various ways to create different effects when you are screen printing on glass, and although perfecting this technique will take some time, creating an original and unique design will most likely be the easiest portion of the creation.

Take some time to understand this method, and gather the tools you will need to get started.  First, you will need to make a design or a stencil.  If you choose to make your own exclusive design multi-layered, then make each layer a different contrast.  For example, if you choose to have a certain shade of gray, make the following layer black, or dark gray to make the image pop out. 

Secondly, the next step for working with a flat medium is to use the traditional frame or the stretched silk option.  By using this option, you can only work with paints that do not need bonding or to be textured, such as a glass stain.  If you decide on a silk screen, the print on the glass is not going to be as durable; however, there is always time to reuse the frame!   All that needs to be done is to place your picture or design under the silk, and then trace each layer with a paint brush.  This, in turn, will make the paint transfer onto the flat pane.  Use a squeegee to fill in any places the paint didn't adhere to once this application is dry.  After the entire application is dry, rinse it with lukewarm water, and this will wash away the drawing fluid so that your beautiful finished creation can emerge.

People who are serious about screen printing on glass can find much help online, and also seek out online videos on the subject for the ultimate in printing techniques.  You can also seek out hobby shops and manufacturers in order to get started.  Just keep in mind that learning about this process will not occur overnight, and it will require some time and patience on your part.  Screen painting is definitely an earnings source for someone who is interested and who wants to become involved in this enterprise. 

Screen printing on glass is a technique that many businesses prefer to use on the windows of their stores.  This can be handled by contacting a sign company that can handle the job professionally.  They have skilled staff that can help you design your logo, as well as giving you advice on the best options for your type of business.  This is very valuable and will make quite an impact on the way your place of business is viewed by the local patrons. This is a very beautiful and effective way to display your company logo, your days and hours of operation, as well as your phone number and any other pertinent information you would like to share.

Whether you are interested in learning how to do screen printing on glass yourself, or whether you would just like to have the job done by a professional is up to you. This method is a very classy way to advertise and get noticed.


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