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Opting For Digital Printing On Glass

Thanks to technology the printing industry has made great strides when it comes to offering digital printing on glass. Special inkjet processes have been developed that allow for the very same type of transfer that is done on other materials such as paper, wood, tin, metal, cardboard, and vinyl to now be done on windows as well.  Thanks to this new and innovative progress in the industry it is now possible to transfer images to windows, mirrors, doors, and other types of surfaces. 

There was a time when this process was only possible through etching or painting.  Both of these options are still available but are quite expensive, and they do not get the same results that digital printing on glass can get. Etching cannot deliver the colors that this process can. Paint often chips and peels and begins to look shoddy after a short period of time.  It has to be repainted often, and this has to be done by a company that will likely charge a large sum to do it because of the detailed work that is involved.  This can make painting the windows or other areas turn out to be a very expensive endeavor. 

When a company opts for digital printing on glass they can select their own color scheme.  They can also elect to include graphics such as the company logo, a photograph of the CEO or any other type of graphic that would help to bring about brand recognition.  There are also font options and font colors, as well as background contrasts that can be performed rather easily with this type of application.  The options are virtually limitless as to what can be done for a business with this type of process.

Doors are another area where digital printing on glass can be employed.  Many times this process is done on doors to display a business’s operating hours and days rather than having an independent open and close sign that hangs on the door.  The store’s name and logo can also be included along with the manager or proprietor’s name.  This is a great way to get vital information to the customer when they approach the business.

Directories in the lobby of an office building or a business look much more professional when they are done with digital printing on glass.  It is a better option than the typical types of directories that are on a black board with removable lettering.  It gives the impression to potential customers or clients that this business cares about even the smallest of details. That can have a large impact on the first impression, and the customer can perceive the company in a very positive light. 

There is no need to bother with expensive signage that has to be manually painted on by an artisan. Going with the more clean and professional option of having things printed directly on to the glass is the better choice. This is a great way to showcase important business information and its products or services.

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