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The Many Of Ways You Can Print On Glass

There are many ways that one can print on glass.  Over the years, technology has made advancements that have made the art of print on glass even more accessible to small and large businesses.  One can see it all over stores, restaurants, museums, and office buildings.  It may be signs pointing the way to the nearest retail store, giving the suite number for a doctor's office, or covering the windows of someone’s favorite ice cream shop with images of tasty treats.  These are just a few examples of how businesses use this form of art. 

Since there are many ways to print on glass, what are some of the more current methods of doing so?  Digital printers and their use of different types of ink is one way this has made this more available and more cost effective.  Machines are now equipped with the capability to handle very large pieces.  This was a huge obstacle in the past.  Some machines can handle pieces that are up to 6 ½ft by 10ft by 1.57in thick.  An ink option that many companies are using in conjunction with the printers is UV curable ink.  The quality is extremely good, and there is no long drying time.  This type of application has become so popular because of its versatility.  It has the ability to adapt to small quantities with minimal set up.  It can also easily handle frequent changes like, for instance, personalized plaques.  This application makes customization much simpler.

Another form of print on glass is by using screen print applications.  Using this type of application on flat-glass is the most popular form.  It is used everywhere people go from work to play or when people are being entertained.  It is used in places one would never think of as well.  There are different inks that can give a variety of colors and effects.  This application process can be used in a variety of methods.  It can be used to directly imprint an image or color, mask off areas that will have another technique used on it, and use inks that resemble sand-blasted or acid-etched applications.  Another aspect to the ink that can be used in this type of application is the ability to give the illusion that frosting, etching, or numerous other effects have been used without, in fact, using those actual effects.  This takes time off of the total project which, in turn, can help with the total cost.  Many companies use this type of application for large scale projects.

Using the sandblasting application to print on glass is extremely common, and this technique has been around for a long time.  It can be used for a variety of applications as well.  It’s more notable usage is on mugs, plates, and the like, but it is also used on much bigger projects.  It can be used on windows, shower doors, pantry doors, and more.  This is an area that many custom home builders are using to customize their customer’s home.  An example of that is with a monogrammed or beautiful landscape picture on the front door panels.  However simple or elegant the project may be, this type of application has remained popular from its beginning.

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