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The Many Types Of Essential Architectural Signs

There are many types of essential architectural signs that are in use all over the communities, businesses and other types of organization services.  It doesn’t matter if one is walking indoors or outdoors, there are directional symbols everywhere.  These are useful because they identify important areas, dangerous situations, emergency assistance and other things that may end up being the difference between life and death in many different types of situations.

They are seen on the roads in the form of placards telling drivers to stop, yield, slow down, use caution and which direction to turn to find which destination.  They are seen in parking lots identifying the direction of the flow of traffic, the proper lane to enter and exit from and where not to park such as handicapped parking designations.  They are also seen in cities warning motorists of school crosswalks and pedestrian crossings.
Within a building there are many types of essential architectural signs.  Some of those are mandated by the federal government such as ADA or American Disability Act placards.  These are important because they allow those people who have visual or hearing impairments or other types of disabilities to use the various different direction finders to navigate buildings.  These types of placards will be located over office doors and elevators.  They will also be located in lobbies to identify where the nearest restroom and telephone station is located.  These placards will have brail for those with visual impairments as well as the appropriate numbers to call for those who are hearing impaired. 

Exit markers are also some of the essential architectural signs that are located inside of an office building or public building.  These are mandated and important in the event of an emergency that requires the occupants and visitors to evacuate the building. 

If there are multiple buildings then it is only natural that essential architectural signs would be erected to outline the different buildings and what services are housed within each one.  This is important information for any visitor.  It is also likely that these placards would be found in the lobby of each building.  These directories give the names of the various companies and individuals that are located within the building along with the floor on which they are housed and the room number.  This is very important information to have in order to be able to navigate a large building without seeking assistance.

On the highway, some of the most important essential architectural signs would be those that tell the motorist how far away the next hospital is and where to find police and emergency personnel.  This is extremely valuable information to a tourist or traveler who may not be familiar with the area but may find that they need assistance. 

These important placards are impossible to live without.  Imagine being in a huge building that had no indicators telling visitors where to go to find a company, a rest room or anything else within that building.  It would be a very big maze to have to manipulate without directional placards.

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