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Looking Into Architectural Sign Design

Architectural sign design can be a defining process for any company.  It will ultimately be a direct reflection of what a customer will expect throughout their specific business experience.  From the moment a client approaches the place of business to their time and movement inside, the wording and graphics displayed should attract and inform them as to the true intentions of the company.  Therefore, architectural sign design should be a meticulous process that pulls together the defining display with the surrounding décor of the space.

This form of presentation will be on both the interior and exterior of the business location.  Each one has a job to do, information to communicate and an image to support.  They range from the large road side display luring potential customers to pull into the parking lot to the ADA regulated plaques outside the restrooms and elevators.  Other commonly seen types include those for wayfinding, nameplates, store sale banners, electronic billboards, and the illuminated monument style announcing the establishment.  Their presence can be seen throughout any place of business.  They reflect their quality, professionalism, and standing within the industry.

When it comes time for a business to tackle the architectural sign design process, it is important to keep in mind that the end result will help to retain current clientele and bring in new traffic as well.  This is from the single window advertisement all the way through to a complete sign system.  A reputable company specializing in this form of advertising will provide substantial assistance throughout the course of the process.  They will provide useful insight into the current trends and necessary components, while ensuring that each piece produced follows all related laws.  An experienced designer will provide a rough draft to be previewed and edited prior to creating the final product.  This will guarantee that the investment will be maximized.

Successful architectural sign design must encompass a number of details.  It is important to know the specific displays that are needed as well as their final mounting location.  Knowing whether it will be an interior or exterior product will greatly influence many aspects of this process.  Indoor pieces require a large amount of accuracy in measurement as well as the product's materials, especially if they will be in an area with various levels of lighting or extreme temperatures.  On the other hand, exterior signs must be durable and be capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.  High quality, fade resistant material such as magnesium should be utilized for this reason.  It is important to keep the content simple and easy to read.  An overloaded display may turn potential viewers away.  Coloring is the key to gaining attention and keeping with the overall look of the business and its surroundings.  A distinction between text and background shades must be enough so as to increase the chance the company and its message will be noticed.  They must be consistent throughout and be identifiable in relation to the brand.  These considerations will incorporate a high level of personalization and ultimately speak volumes as to the level of service a customer can expect to receive.

During a time when the economy is struggling and companies both large and small are working harder to stay afloat, the architectural sign design process can increase the chance of their success and survival.  From the detailed initial plan to the fine craftsmanship utilized, a knowledgeable expert in the industry will assist in keeping any company on the map.

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