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Information On Digital Glass Printing

The evolution in technology today has led to new developments in the way material can be placed upon various surfaces, and an efficient method in doing this is known as digital glass printing. In the earlier uses of this method a piece of work was created by using a large scale inkjet printer, which enhanced the color value of pictures, logos, and graphics to catch the attention of onlookers.

The ink that is used for this technique has a higher durability rate then over eighty percent of ink solutions normally used in this area of the market. This characteristic is only one of the reasons why it has become a more preferred process of reproduction among companies wishing to distribute long-lasting signs.

When creators first started adding designs onto glass the traditional type of ink used was made of a UV curable solution, which made digital printing on to a glass surface slightly easier. However, modern day advancements have led to the development of an ink solution that is a solvent based pigment material for digital glass printing.

The discovery of this solution allows the product to have more adequate detailing, along with a noticeable enhancement in the color saturation of the final piece. The visual aspect of the creation with this type of ink has not only proven to be more appealing for viewers, but it is also a quicker and less expensive technique for the desired effect.

Companies with the main concern of producing advertisement signs, billboards, street signs, highway signs, or any type of sign for that matter choose this method of digital glass printing, due to the broad creation range made available in this area. One might think that a limit has been placed on the designing components of a sign created by this process, when actually that is quite the opposite.

Being given the ability to choose from over eighteen million different colors, as well as having the choice to pick a size that meets ones needs are two very significant factors, which are contributing to the popularity gain by companies wanting to use this technique. A question that might be commonly asked is, “What type of surface can be used?” The answer to this question is not a difficult one, as almost any type can be used for this method, such as tempered or annealed.

These benefits will allow business owners to have full control over the personal customization of their signs. Applying their company logo, catch phrase, or any artistic twist to obtain the interest of a possible customer can ultimately be achieved through using digital glass printing for main stream advertising, and it is relatively low in cost. The traditional method required a variety of equipment tools in order to create a proper piece, such as stencils for the design pattern, photography tools for the image, and screens for the administration of ink.

Each individual stage of the process demands a specific tool to make the final image, and the purchasing of additional equipment would eventually add up in cost at the end of the process. In comparison to this, digital glass printing eliminates the requirement of additional apparatuses since the design can be saved and stored into a computer.

As a result manufacturers are able to produce more individual prints in the settled time frame, and since fewer tools are required, more space is made available in the work place. Every single benefit and advancement offered to potential users are what make this unique production method a continuously expanding choice of company owners world-wide.


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