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The Importance of ADA Sign Compliance

A.D.A. sign compliance is something important for a company that wants to use architectural and wayfinding products. The company needs to be sure it knows all of the current guidelines for the architectural products, and be sure that it stays current as they change.  A.D.A. sign compliance can help you avoid costly fines from your building not following the rules.

It’s an eye opening experience to consider just how much we rely on signs when we’re in a strange building or a strange city.  Even if you were fortunate enough to find friendly people everywhere you asked, if there were no placards, that would pretty much hold up your navigation and delay you significantly.  Sure, you could walk into a building, up to the front desk and ask where the particular office is you’re looking for.  If there are no placards, and no way to identify the room numbers though, you’re dependent on some other way of identifying the room.  For all-but-identical rooms the way any typical office space might be, it would be pretty hard to navigate the space without placards along the way. Multiply that by the never ending influx of people in a typical building with doctor’s offices or other appointment type spaces, and it would be pretty unusual for people to want to continuously give directions through the unmarked buildings.  Properly marked rooms aligned with A.D.A. sign compliance can make life easier for everyone, and well laid out wayfinding signs can be an even bigger help as you find your way around the building to the proper room.

A.D.A. sign compliance can help people with handicaps find their way through the buildings as well.  Some of the requirements about the placards have to do with the wording on the placard being in braille as well.  This makes it more possible for a person who happens to be blind to maintain their independence as much as possible, and help maneuver the hallways to find the room he wants to get to.  If he knows the room number, he can get basic directions to the general area where the room is, and then be able to locate and identify the correct room on his own.

There can be negative repercussions for a company who doesn’t have the appropriate A.D.A. sign compliance, so it’s important to be sure that your placards reflect the current guidelines. Be sure to know the current regulations or check with the sign company to be sure they are current with the most recent version of the guidelines.  This will help ensure that you are following all the rules regarding the placards in your building. If you have any questions about them, whether it be regarding materials or colors, or any other questions you may have, be sure to talk with your company.  They should be able to answer any of your questions about their products and be able to set your mind at ease that you’ll be receiving things that are completely in compliance with the current regulations.

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