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The Importance Of Emergency Exit Signage

Emergency exit signage is a very important feature in any public building.  There are many rules and regulations that are for them.  If you have a business full of people and something happens, and you need to get out as quickly as possible, you will need emergency exit signage to be like a lighthouse leading ships to safety.  There are many different styles of these markers.  The same ADA requirements apply to them as all the other ADA sign markers you will find in a public building or area.  You may be wondering which type is the best for businesses.  The fact of the matter is that it all depends on the size of your business.  For larger companies and places like schools you will need the kind that are connected to a different electric circuit and have bright spot lights attached to them.  This is important because it will still be able to run if the main power source goes out.  The bright lights will help guide people to the signs and provide adequate lighting. 

The basic requirements apply to all emergency exit signage, but they do vary from place to place.  The background color and the color of the letters must contrast from each other.  If you have a dark background, then your letters must be a light color.  They must be hung directly above each door that leads to the outside.  If they do not have the bright spot lights, they should still have the lettering light up.  Another basic requirement that you need is for the font, or style of letters, to be Sans Serif, or Simple Serif.  This font may not be very appealing or unique, but it is really easy to read from a distance. 

For smaller businesses, you may not need big expensive emergency exit signage.  Sure, those would be preferred, but the requirements allow a little room to play with.  A place like a small movie rental store would most likely be a relatively small square layout.  With a simple layout like that, you would probably need just an indicator that has the letters light up so people can see it easily.  The colors do not matter as long as they comply with the rules and regulations.  They could be white with red letters, white with green letters, or even black with white letters.  Also, a lot of the smaller businesses have several windows which allow a lot of light to come in making it easier to see. 

Large companies or any public building that has many rooms and hallways in it will benefit more with the kind of emergency exit signage that has the big bright lights on the sides of it.  They are connected to a separate electrical circuit than the main line.  If the lights go out, this will trigger the backup line to switch on, and the lights on the exit indicators will shine so you can see your way around and clearly see where the doors are.  A building that has many hallways and rooms but does not have windows that allow light in so that you can easily find your way out in a very dark occurrence can cause a dangerous situation.  These beacons of light attached to the door indicators will eliminate that chance.


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