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The Importance Of Construction Signs

There are many types of construction signs one might may seen around an ongoing project.  They are extremely necessary to guide the person on foot or in a vehicle away from danger zones and areas that are works in progress.

Many times in larger cities, it is necessary to maintain a sidewalk for pedestrians within or beside a site that is under construction along with construction signs that warn of men at work, trucks entering or warning against entering an area without a hard hat because of the possibility of danger from objects falling from above.

On streets, there is specialized signage that warns drivers to slow down because of ongoing.  It is also necessary to alert the public that there may be a flagger ahead who is directing the traffic flow so that drivers can adjust their speed accordingly.  Many times construction signs guide vehicles into a single lane on a highway as a bridge is being completed or pavement is being put down.

These caution notices are also found when renovations and other work are being performed inside a building.  They often direct visitors and employees around or past a room or corridor that is being remodeled so they can avoid endangering themselves or the workers.  Here they may also redirect people to a temporary walkway or a room.  Sometimes it also stops anyone from getting off on a certain floor of from entering a particular wing if an entire area is undergoing renovation. Specialized wayfinding signage or Americans with Disabilities (ADA) signage is occasionally necessary to protect visitors with various visual or other impairments.

Another type of construction sign alerts drivers that a roadway is narrower or a lane has been closed because of a project.  Cars are also detoured around such projects when necessary in the same way. Another common type of road marker associated with such work is one that mandates a temporary reduction in speed.  These are necessary to protect both the people that are performing the work and the driver who may need to maintain a lower speed in dangerous work areas.

These warnings are vitally important.  Only imagine not being cautioned that a bridge is out or that there is a huge bump in the road ahead and the serious harm that could result.  Not only do these placards protect drivers or pedestrians, they also serve to protect the men and women hard at work on the roads, bridges, and in buildings.

These notices of construction zones may include words but many use only internationally and nationally recognized symbols such as a man holding a flag on a sign that has the appropriate background color of yellow or orange.  Construction signs often use graphics that they are easy to read and understand even for those who may not speak the language of the country they are in.  Not only is this type of warning necessary but in most states it is legally required.

An established sign company like Kaiser International can not only help with signage from design to installation services, they are also likely to know the legal requirement for them. Give them a call for everything from banners to architectural signs.


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