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How to Implement Architectural Sign Systems

Implementing architectural sign systems into a business may seem like a daunting task, yet when provided
with the various aspects to consider, you’ll be well on your way to advertising success. From the overall
design to the installation process, it is important to carefully plan for the signage that will best fit
the needs of your specific company, including the intended location and constraints of your budget. The
impact that quality architectural sign systems may have on a business can be based on the crucial first
impression of those viewing and utilizing them as they come across them. With thorough planning and
implementation, your system can successfully rise to the occasion.

These arrangements of multiple guideposts are intended to help in providing instruction, location, and
pertinent information. Architectural sign systems, which are sometimes referred to as wayfinding signs, can
begin with a business location’s main logo and carry all the way through to a door or desk plaque. They are
utilized to assist in finding ones way throughout a building, office, or even in a larger setting such as a
city. They should guarantee a visitor can find their way to a final location, have peace of mind that they
are headed in the right direction, display the final destination upon arriving there, and warn them of hazards
they may face from start to finish. In an office environment the signage should be cohesive throughout, as
well as integrating the company logo, any branding, and the goal that is sought to be achieved. Whether
directing a current customer to a new location within the office, or luring in new clientele, a cohesive series
can be a vital component in ensuring the success of your company’s product or service.

Depending on the goals and specific needs of the business, there are a number of elements to consider when
researching architectural sign systems. First and foremost, the design must be cutting edge, while satisfying
the ultimate goal it is to achieve. Indoors and out, the system must provide a natural flow of uniformity
throughout so as to be easily understood. Each component of the series should be positioned to complement its
surroundings, while still fulfilling its required function. To remain affordable and versatile, they should be
easily installed and uninstalled to enable your system to change and evolve with the needs of the company.
While they are available in many sizes, colors, shapes and styles, the one you choose should be appropriate to
the location they will be used and the image you hope to depict. They must have enough flexibility and diversity
in them so as to be easily updated without too much additional expense.

An essential component in the design and planning phase is to ensure your system is compliant with all American
with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations
. The ADA standards are in place to guarantee that all people, no matter
what their limitations, can utilize them and acquire all intended information from them. These requirements
include pictograms to identify their purpose, a high contrast between any wording and graphics and their
background, non-reflective backgrounds, and the use of Braille and other tactile characters. It is crucial to
stay up to date with any changes made in these regulations to ensure you are compliant at all times.

Architectural sign systems have the ability to make an instant first impression and reflect your company’s high
level of service.  It is essential to consider all aspects of the look and purpose of what you hope to achieve.
An experienced and knowledgeable architectural sign company can assist you in accomplishing these goals.

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