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History Of Commercial Signs

The utilization of commercial signs dates back to the times of ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. Constructed of stone and terracotta, there has been evidence found that signage was used to advertise businesses such as taverns and pawnbrokers, as well as landlord owned property.  Similarly to modern times, both words and pictograms were used to communicate information on these commercial signs. Coats of arms and rebus or pictures and/or symbols representing words were also common displays on signage in earlier times.  No matter the time period, the materials used, or those utilizing the signage, it has always been crucial that the necessary information be easily recognizable and informative.

As with years ago, these displays can provide a business with numerous ways of communicating with current and prospective customers, or they can simply provide useful wayfinding information to those viewing them.  From signage announcing store hours, to a product advertisement, these displays have the ability to draw business to any establishment for the short run and even for years to come.  On the other hand, commercial signs may simply provide directions or inform the general public of potential hazards nearby.  Whatever the specific needs of the company may be, there is sure to be an ideal option available.

The color, dimension, and style options are abundant and may be chosen to reflect the image of the company or strictly to assist in conveying the message that needs to be announced.  Commercial signs can be produced to be just about every end product imaginable, especially with the technology of today.  It is important to determine the exact needs, location, and expectations for the particular signage required to ensure the investment will pay off long term.  First, there are a number of options in styles including, but not limited to, banners, billboards, wall plaques, sidewalk displays, magnetic signs, and neon signage. Some are meant for indoor use, while others are best suited for outdoor advertising.  It is important to then decide the materials that will best fit the needs of the sign as they can be constructed of metal, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and foam core board.  Location is a key factor in material choice as some materials such as aluminum will have a higher weather resistant level than others such as foam core or plastic.  Color choices must then be chosen for the lettering, logo or picture, and background.  The message to be conveyed must be easy to read at all distances, which will affect not only the coloring, but also the font style and size.  It is imperative that the appearance be eye catching while still providing the necessary information to the viewer.  The final product should be signage that will survive the test of time or be easily replaced and/or updated as the needs of the business or customer evolve.

Finally, it is critical to consider and comply with all local and federal government regulations related to commercial signs.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets forth restrictions and requirements to ensure that all signage meet the needs of those with limitations.  Commercial institutions must obey the regulations, which in turn eliminates communication and physical obstructions for the disabled.

Whether or not a standard or custom sign is needed, working with a knowledgeable company specializing in the production of these is a must.  Their experience will assist any customer in the detailed planning and designing of the necessary signage.  This will guarantee that the financial investment is maximized, while fulfilling any and all legal regulations.

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