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Having The Appropriate ADA Restroom Signage

ADA restroom signage falls under the federally regulated mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This act began as a way of insuring more people have access to more locations and destinations, preventing discrimination due to any type of disability. It is a requirement that this type of posting is installed in any business or establishment servicing the public. Yes, it is vital to properly post information in a way that it is accessible to all people, and the Americans with Disabilities Act helps guarantee that all businesses are meeting those standards.

Without the proper ADA restroom signage, businesses and establishments face the possibilities of harsh and steep fines. So what is needed to insure that a business meets the requirements for proper ADA restroom signage?

1.    The lettering and numbering will need to be raised at least 1/32 of an inch and in all uppercase, the font must be either simple serif type or sans serif, and a Grade 2 Braille must accompany the message. The international symbol for man, woman, or both must be added and at least 5/8 of an inch, but 2 inches is the maximum; the raised image must be no less than 6 inches in height. The picture must be on the upper portion, and the lettering must be directly underneath.
2.    The contrast in colors is vital as well. The light color must be matte, eggshell white, or any other light finish with no glare present. The symbols and characters have to contrast drastically with the background. In other words, the lettering must be light with a dark background or the lettering must be dark with a light background. Traditionally, black or blue are used for the background color.
3.    Mounting the ADA restroom signage is another important step to this process. The information must be installed on the adjacent wall to the door latch. The mounting must take place exactly 60 inches or 5 feet above the finished floor. People must be able to get to the information as close to 3 inches without ever encountering any type of obstacles or protrusions.

If the lavatory is handicap accessible, that information must be in place with the other information, generally alongside the picture of the man or woman. Family lavatories will usually have a man, woman, and child next to one another allowing for entrance by all genders.

Purchasing the appropriate types of informational identifications is not difficult thanks to the numerous companies specializing in this type of need. Insuring guidelines and regulations are met is vital to help insure businesses and establishments do not face often stiff penalties and fines. On top of that, not having the appropriate postings is not very helpful to insuring a satisfied customer base.

Knowing how to find the best in ADA restroom signage introduces people to the numerous regulations and guidelines in place to guarantee accessibility to all Americans. These guidelines allow for non-discrimination, and when someone owns or operates a business, it just makes commonsense to insure more people have accessibility to the facilities. A satisfied customer is definitely a returning customer.

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