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Whether in a small business down the street or a large corporation uptown, there is a necessity to have an appropriate ADA handicap sign at a variety of locations throughout the establishment. The guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act help guarantee equal access and facilities in private businesses, regardless of the size. These regulations help insure disabled people have the same opportunity as everyone else to enjoy and appreciate life, whether eating at a fine restaurant or shopping at a mall.

Where should a company or business install an ADA handicap sign?

The experience starts at the parking lot or parking garage. Appropriate labels and parking spaces must be available for handicapped parking. Those spaces are generally wider than normal spaces, allowing for a modified van to easily operate without being constricted. Additionally, there is a specific number of handicap parking spaces required for the number of total spaces available in the lot. The ADA handicap sign must have the international logo associated with accessibility and be mounted in such a manner that it is not hidden by a parked vehicle.

Another important part of compliancy with the American with Disabilities Act is to insure access to the storefront by everyone. Generally this means installing a suitable ramp for exiting and entering the storefront. In addition, handrails are required to insure safety and security if the slope is greater than 1:20, with a vertical rise of more than six inches. Appropriate signage includes the international logo for accessibility with an arrow pointing in the direction necessary to enter the premises.

Doors must also meet specific requirements, allowing for any individual to enter the storefront. Doors must be at least 36 inches wide. The hardware for the door, such as the handle, must be properly constructed and placed to insure easy maneuverability of that hardware. Again, an ADA handicap sign is required that shows the international logo for accessibility. In addition, it is essential to properly label all the entrances and exits of the building.

Most stores do not allow animals or pets to enter the store. However, individuals with service animals are allowed to bring those animals into stores. Most stores will place appropriate labels on the building welcoming individuals with service animals. These animals must be up to date on their vaccinations and be easily identified as a service animal to enter the store front legally. Service animals may enter any public location even restaurants, cafes, and salons.

Bathrooms are another area that must have proper labeling displayed for individuals with special needs. Bathroom labels are very precise, as is the placement of the label. The label must be easy to read, be constructed with contrasting colors, and provide accurate information. Braille is another necessary part of insuring compliance with the ADA’s policies. Appropriate labels insure understanding on an international level, regardless of whether one has a handicap or not.

Understanding and complying with the American with Disabilities Act can seem to be complicated, but hiring a professional sign company or wayfinder will insure compliance with all regulations and help attract visitors that have disabilities. A single, well-placed ADA handicap sign can be a welcomed relief for a person struggling to find easy access, whether shopping for clothing or visiting a favorite diner.

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